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Montreat operates under a Mayor-Council form of government. The Board of Commissioners (also referred to as the Town Council) consists of the Mayor and five Commissioners and appoints a Town Administrator to oversee the Town's day-to-day operations. Elections for the Mayor and Commissioners are held each November as their four-year staggered terms expire. These elections are non-partisan.

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    Tim Helms

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Position/philosophy statement The direction I take in governing comes directly from the citizens of the community thru continuous conversations and interactions.
I have led large manufacturing and business organizations that required listening to customers and organization members for their wishes for products and services. This experience is easily transformed into listening to the citizens and our neighbors about their wishes for the future needs of our town. I will continue to serve the people of Montreat, a wonderful and diverse group, concerned with the health of Flat Creek and the valley in which we live.
Having served on many civic and public boards I understand that the Town Board of Commissioners as a whole directs and drives the actions of the town staff and not the individual members of the body. I served ten years working for a board of directors and found it both rewarding and challenging at times educating my board members that their individual wishes must be conveyed thru board actions for me to be able to take the organization in a particular direction. Boards are elected or appointed to give a body diversity and different points of view in order to bring new ideas and direction to the organization. I previously served for 8 years as a Council member in Bessemer City, NC and two years as Mayor of the same body. Similarly I served as a Montreat Commissioner for two years and Mayor for five years. Those years gave me an insight into the work done by municipalities as dictated by state government rules. The process taken can sometimes seem slow and laborious but serves a purpose in that it allows for all issues to be throughly fleshed out before actions are implemented. I have seen also that the processes also allow pubic input and open discussions giving everyone interested an opportunity to be informed and enlightened, including members of the Board.
1. This year is a challenging year for the Montreat Board of Commissioners in that revenues have been greatly reduced because of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Sales tax monies produced through retail sales and driven to a great extent by travel and tourism have taken a big hit this year. Gas tax monies generate funds for paving and repaving of streets. Those funds have been reduced because auto and commercial travel has declined. We will certainly have to watch expenses very closely this year and the first 6 months of 2021. We must do our best to be good stewards of the monies we have available and stretch each dollar as far as it will go. 2.In late August or early September of 2020 our Planning and Zoning Board will present recommendations to the Board of Commissioners of their review of all of the town's zoning ordinances. Our charge to the P&Z Board was a monumental task of reviewing all zoning ordinances in order to bring them up to date as well as being citizen friendly allowing lot owners opportunities to build and homeowners a way to remodel and make home modifications in a safe and reasonable manner. Their task is enormous in scope and content. 3. Our Texas road bridge which has been designated a walking bridge but has yet to be modified to that purpose because of a lack of funds this fiscal year must stay on the"front burner". Even as we struggled to find funding in the 2020/2021 budget year we can find alternate and less expensive sources for completion.
I will constantly work with the Board and Staff to monitor all revenue sources against budget and flesh out expenses on a monthly basis, avoiding expenses that we cannot afford. We have a group of smart Commissioners and a very talented staff that will stay on top of our revenues and expenses with resourcefulness and tenacity. I have every confidence that when all is said and done in the 2020/2021 fiscal year we will be in great shape as a town and our future will remain bright.