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Montreat operates under a Mayor-Council form of government. The Board of Commissioners (also referred to as the Town Council) consists of the Mayor and five Commissioners and appoints a Town Administrator to oversee the Town's day-to-day operations. Elections for the Mayor and Commissioners are held each November as their four-year staggered terms expire. These elections are non-partisan.

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    Jane Alexander

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    Katheryn (Kitty) Fouche

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I have a genuine connection to the people who live in Montreat and to those who love Montreat for its beauty, religious and educational significance, and as a retreat. I have a desire to serve all the people connected to Montreat and preserve the natural setting and character of our community. Additionally, I have served as a Montreat Town Commissioner for the past year, giving me excellent experience in working as a Council member.
Through a half century, my life experience has been a kaleidoscope as my family moved throughout the South. I have worked in healthcare as a speech pathologist and taught school in North Carolina and Florida. My passions for working with others to create plans and improve programs in public school, private practice, and church has been instrumental in my success and is what I bring to the table as a commissioner.
1. Fiscal responsibility in monitoring revenues and expenses during the current Fiscal Year while dealing with issues related to the Coronavirus pandemic. 2. Based on the recommendations of the Planning and Zoning Commission, decide what changes are needed to protect Flat Creek, manage stormwater, and deal with issues relating to land development. 3. Commence with the updating of the Montreat Comprehensive Plan, which was written in 2008 and is now in need of updating given the Town’s changing priorities and needs.
I am going to listen and use the information provided by other commissioners, the Town Administrator, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and Department Heads to become informed on these issues. Further, I will also listen to members of the community and form my positions based on the knowledge acquired.
Contact Phone (828) 357-8488
Position/philosophy statement As a Town Commissioner, I am prepared to serve the community to the best of my ability.
Serving as a Commissioner for the past 4.5 years and Mayor Pro Tem for 2 of those years has provided valuable experience and a historical perspective that will be beneficial in the next term. The current Commission and Mayor represent a variety of backgrounds and talents and we have demonstrated the ability to work together effectively. We respect each other’s opinions and support final decisions. I am honored to be a part of this Council and look forward to the opportunity to continue serving.
As a retired associate dean and university professor of mathematics education, I have extensive experience in leadership, planning, and organization. Lessons learned from my dissertation on creative problem solving have provided life skills that have been valuable as a Commissioner. I have served on numerous boards and committees at work, church, and with nonprofits.
1. Setting a budget for this fiscal year was a daunting task. Our community is home to a church affiliated conference center and a private Christian college and no businesses to provide tax revenue. With sales and gas taxes greatly reduced by Covid, we were forced to trim the budget to only essential expenditures. There was no money for planned capital improvements. With so much uncertainty in our future, managing the budget will be an ongoing challenge. 2. The Planning and Zoning Board is near completion of their review of our Town zoning ordinances. This talented and dedicated group of citizens has recommended streamlining and clarifying cumbersome and confusing zoning ordinances that have often been a hindrance for homeowners trying to renovate. It is important that the Council move forward to the next step of studying and approving their recommendations. 3. One responsibility of our Town Council is to ensure the safety of our citizens. With the new Town Hall in place, we now have a facility that can serve as an emergency command center. We need to make sure we have a plan for possible emergency situations.
I will continue to pay close attention to spending and revenue so that we stay within our tight budget. We will investigate ways of increasing revenue for the Town.