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Lincoln County District Attorney

Qualifications: Must be United States citizen and registered voter; must be resident of the state. A person elected district attorney must, at the time of election, have been admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of Oregon. District attorneys shall possess the qualifications, have the powers, perform the duties and be subject to the restrictions provided by the Constitution for prosecuting attorneys, and by the laws of this state..Term: 4 years Salary: District Attorneys get a state salary according to the size of the county:Tier 1 counties, with highest populations, (10 counties): $116,868 (2017)Tier 2 counties, with smaller populations, (remaining 26 counties): $99,288 (2017)Counties may choose to supplement this salary on their own.Duties: The constitution describes the dual functions of the district attorney as the prosecuting attorney and law officer of the state and counties. The district attorney serves as the public prosecutor, represents the state in criminal proceedings, and initiates proceedings for punishable offenses. They enforce child support orders, represent the state in juvenile matters, and undertake inquests into the cause and manner of certain deaths. Although elected by county voters, the district attorney is a state officer whose salary is paid by the state, and in most cases is prohibited from privately practicing law. Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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Biographical Information

For what crimes would you support prosecuting youth as adults? How do you think youth should be treated throughout the justice system?

A recent report indicates that persons of color have disproportionately negative outcomes in prosecution, in plea negotiation, and in sentencing recommendations. What actions would you take to address this disparity?

What role could your position take to improve transparency and fairness in the justice system?