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State Representative District 2

Qualifications: Candidate must be US Citizen, a registered voter, a resident of the district for 1 year prior to the general election and age 21 or older (OR Const., Art. IV, §8).Term: 2 years (OR Const., Art. IV, §4) Salary: $23,052 (2017)Duties: The Senate and the House of Representatives are responsible for making or changing laws. Thirty Senators serve in the Senate and sixty Representatives serve in the House of Representatives. The sizes of districts are based on the number of people living there. The Oregon Legislature meets for a long session in odd-numbered years and a short session in even-numbered years.Source: Oregon Blue Book Rev. 1/2018

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  • Charles F Lee

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    Gary Leif

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Describe your one or two most pressing issues for the 2021 legislative session. What legislation would you propose and/or support to address these issues?

What should be the legislative priorities for managing the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis?

What should the legislature do to improve racial and social justice?

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Town Where You Live Roseburg
Your Experience/Qualificatons Representative Leif was raised in Douglas County. He met his wife Carol and together raised their family in the Roseburg, Oregon area. Gary was the owner of Leif Photography for over 40 years, and as such understands and appreciates the challenges of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Public service and community work have always been a part of the Leif family. Gary's served on over 50 local committees and is proud of his work with CASA, UT&E, Econ Dev and was awarded a First Citizen!
Twitter @realGaryLeif
County Douglas
Term 2018-2020
1. The 2021 legislative session will be fully over shadowed by the budget crisis. My primary legislative focus will continue to be on sustaining the level of funding for police and fire services, this will require a larger percentage of the revenues that have historically been allocated. My second and equal priority will be to maintain funding for education while working to develop a K-14 CTE model which will bring much needed support to the technical job education fields.
2. We cannot manage the economic impacts of Covid purely from a legislative perspective, it will result in the closure of many small and mid-size businesses and I fear that the fires will be far more dramatic to the economic impact for the next biennium. We simply have no models to forecast tax revenues and economic impact from the total loss of five or more of our cities.
3. My view on racial and social justice is rooted in rural Oregon where we still have an education gap based on race, ethnicity, and economic situations. We must transform the educational system to bring equity to the overall process. We need to revise the funding of infrastructure and technology within the schools along with the needs of remote education. Establishing a K-14 CTE program will begin to reduce and hopefully create the foundation for a more balanced society.