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State Representative District 27 ROCKINGHAM

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    Peter Somssich

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What should our state do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all, including treatment for addiction and mental illness?

In building a vibrant economy in our state, would you emphasize reforming tax policies, addressing income inequality, changing the minimum wage, or something else?

What do you see as the state government’s role in creating or incentivizing more housing?

What should state government do to ensure an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

What kinds of policies, if any, will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our state?

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NH should expand Medicaid and reduce requirements. In a pandemic, everyone must have health care coverage. After the pandemic is over, a national program must phase in to ensure that everyone has health care coverage.
Yes, all three. We need a liveable wage for all NH residents. Our state is currently underfunded by as much as 25%. It is an unsustainable situation which we must address. If we are to avoid increasing property taxes, we must identify other sources of revenue to pay for what we need. Nothing should be off the table. However any new revenue raised should be fair and adequate for our needs.
Currently, NH does not have a significant program statewide to increase the amount of affordable housing. Local municipalities, while they are trying, can not accomplish such a task. The state needs a statewide policy and adequate revenue available through a revolving loan fund. Also, the average rent should be linked to a reasonable percentage of income and be subsidized by the state if needed so that NH residents are not paying too high a percentage of income for housing..
NH should stop catering to charter schools and private schools. Instead, adequate funding most be demonstrated by the state, so that public schools can actually function providing an adequate education, as required by law.
The NH legislature within the last 2 years passed a number of equal rights and anti-discrimination laws. We have also begun to tackle criminal justice reform (the death penalty was abolished just last year). We must continue these efforts.