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Representative To Ohio House District 45

State representatives listen to the concerns of their constituents and speak for them. They develop solutions to the needs of their districts through legislative action. State representatives work together, balancing the best interests of each state district.House members attend many meetings of their local, civic, religious and business groups. Through these contacts and suggestions from individual citizens, state representatives gauge public opinion and develop proposals for changes in the state law. These proposals are prepared in the form of a bill and are then formally considered by the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Governor before becoming law.Base Salary: $60,584Term: 2 Years

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    Shane Logan

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    Lisa A. Sobecki

Biographical Information

In what ways would you change our election system in order to be prepared for crises that impair the right to vote?

Where do you stand on efforts to protect our water, air, and land? Include how you would address climate change.

Where do you stand on women’s reproductive rights and health?

Given the risk that COVID-19 poses to nursing homes, is there something additional that the legislature should do to better safeguard the patients and staff?

Education University of Toledo ( August 2015 - Present) Whitmer High school ( August 2011 - May 2015)
Experience Entreprenuer ( January 2019 - Present) Kroger Deli Clerk ( September 2016 - April 2017)
Campaign Phone (419) 574-8716
I believe that voting in elections is a very sacred honor and privilege that many Americans take for granted. The right to vote is something that we should never overlook. Covid 19 has cause for concern and impaired the right to vote for at risk Americans. I would encourage people to vote either in person with a mask on or request an absentee ballot and mail it in. Overlooking our election system in Ohio it is safe to say that it is incredibly fair and as of now I see no need for it to change. Having said that I am open to all peoples opinions on this matter and would listen to see if we could make improvements if needed.
We only have one Earth and we need to treat it in a way so that it is better for the future of our grand children and great grand children. I believe it is an important duty to improve our land and ensure that our air and water are clean for everyone. I want to protect our water, air, and land by preserving important habitat and making sure we best utilize our land. Promoting urban gardening, and utilizing our natural resources in a beneficial way that doesn't harm the earth will be the best way to accomplish both goals of economic and environmental justice. In the district there is many building and spaces that aren't being properly utilized.

I would address climate change by working with the private and public sector to help incentivize/promote initiatives to lower carbon emissions and tackle methane gas.
When it comes to women’s reproductive rights we need to protect the health of every individual. Every life is precious and deserves the same rights and protections no matter how old, income level and gender.

When it comes to the health of women we need to make sure that we have a healthy and happy society. Women make up most of the workforce and make 2/3rds of the financial decisions in most households. The health of women is very important and i would work with them to make sure that the women of Ohio are heard and better off. If elected I will fight for everyone in the statehouse
Given the risk that COVID-19 poses to nursing homes and enclosed spaces elected officials in the statehouse need to take it serious and do everything they can within the constitutional rights granted to keep people safe

Experience Ohio House of Representative District 45 2018 - present
Campaign Phone (419) 345-4116
Twitter @ForSobecki
We should have multiple ways that voters can exercise their right to vote. We should be mailing every voter a postage paid ballot and have various drop off sites through out our county. We can place drop boxes at schools, libraries and fire stations through out the county, they are all safe and secure sites. Voters should be able to request a ballot from their County Board of Elections through technology that currently is available. We should have multiple early voting centers through out the county.
We need to address climate change right now. As we can see with the increased fires out west and the increased storms in the south our time is running out. When the world was sheltering in place during COVID 19 we saw pictures of how clean our air was due to the lack of humans on the move and factories not running at full speed. We need to address our Great Lakes and the algae blooms from the run off of waste. The conversation need to go from conversations to action immediately.
My position regarding women's reproductive rights and health is easy. I stand with women. We should have the right to make our own choices regarding decisions about our bodies. We should not have government telling us what we can and can't do with our body.
This legislature should provide enough PPE to nursing homes to insure patients and staff are protected. We should be able to provide them with the testing and results in a timely manner. The real question should be what do nursing homes need?