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Lucas County Treasurer

Responsibilities: To collect taxes in the county and its subdivisions, disburse expenditures, and invest the county's funds. Term 4 years

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    John W. Rozic

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    Lindsay M. Webb

Biographical Information

What experiences have you had that will enable you to fulfill this office's responsibilities?

What are your highest priorities when you are elected, and how will you accomplish them?

Are there programs or reforms that you recommend that will assist both taxpayers and community entities that rely on tax revenues for support?

Education Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Case Western Reserve University; Juris Doctor, University of Toledo, College of Law
Campaign Phone (419) 345-9092
My background, education in law and accounting, and years of experience in the private and public sectors make me extremely well-qualified to serve as Lucas County Treasurer.

As an attorney in private practice for over 35 years, I often review financial statements and transactions for our clients. Currently, I serve as the managing partner for my law firm. As a member of Waterville City Council since 2014 and a past member of the Anthony Wayne Board of Education from 2000 to through 2008, I have analyzed numerous budgets and financial reports for current operations as well as for major projects, planning for growth, and meeting the needs of a growing city and school district. I also have many years of participation in local service organizations. I have invaluable experience in revenue collection, oversight, and management and investment of taxpayer dollars.

I look forward to bringing my expertise and my competence, dedication, honesty, and integrity, to work for Lucas County.
The Treasurer’s office is an administrative service to Lucas County. The Treasurer is primarily responsible for collecting monies owed to the county, depositing the funds to the county's accounts, and managing the funds on hand for the benefit of all citizens. Over $600 million of taxpayer money passes through the Treasurer’s office annually.

My priorities are:

To oversee the county’s revenue and account for every dollar so that the citizens can be assured that their taxes are accurately collected and safeguarded;

To provide a friendly and efficient taxpayer-oriented service while making sure that everyone and every entity pays the taxes owed;

To review and improve, where possible, all procedures of the Treasurer’s office;

To represent all of our citizens with a more balanced approach in county leadership;

To provide as much transparency to the Treasurer’s office as possible.

I am a public servant, not a politician. I am committed to serving with the highest standards possible.
Historically, most elected offices in Lucas County have been held by Democrats. Currently our non-judicial county government offices - Commissioner, Recorder, Treasurer, and the rest, 11 in all - are all held by Democrats. Achieving balance in Lucas County leadership, where none exists now, will benefit all taxpayers and the county in general.

Citizens deserve to be able to trust that their elected officials will be accountable for their decisions and will properly manage our budgets and investments. Electing dedicated, public-service-minded, leaders who possess the necessary qualifications and have a commitment to transparency will help taxpayers feel more engaged.

Many citizens do not realize how the operation of the Treasurer’s office affects them beyond the collection of their own taxes. Improving communication of financial reports and of services performed by the Treasurer’s office will give taxpayers greater understanding of this important function of county government.
Education J.D. University of Toledo College of Law 2006; B.A. Urban Studies, University of Toledo 2001
Campaign Phone (419) 509-8508
Twitter @lindsaymwebb
I have been the Treasurer of Lucas County since 2018. Just like other businesses and service providers during the Covid-19 pandemic, we have had to determine how to provide essential services, and keep our staff and the public safe. This past spring, as a member of the County Treasurers’ Association, I worked to address pressing legal and practical questions facing County Treasurers across the State of Ohio. I just led Lucas County through the toughest tax collection since The Great Recession.

I have developed a continuity of operations plan for my office, started the certification process in Incident Command Systems (ICS), and presented on disaster preparedness and planning. Why? Because in my time in public services, I have seen the Toledo Water Crisis, the Polar Vortex, the Downtown Power Outage and the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. Leaders plan and they lead by example. I want to make sure that I continue to be an elected leader who can help our community in times of crisis.

Tax collection takes on a whole new importance now, because local schools and other cash-strapped public entities need the revenues we collect to provide essential services and keep people safe. However, there are some businesses and homeowners that have been incredibly hard hit by the stay-at-home orders and the economy. We have developed policies that allow us to work with these local businesses and homeowners, while collecting what we can. We are using data driven decision-making and will adjust our policies as the economic conditions in the county change. Additionally, I am charged with investing the County's 300 Million dollars, safely and prudently. I have taken steps to expand our holdings in local banks and to support local economic development. I am interested helping drive local investment to see our community grow!
In general, I am sincerely interested in making data driven decisions and using technology to further what we do. I systemically track nearly every aspect of our work at the Treasurer's office, so I can see trends around tax delinquency in our community. I use this information to test different communications methods and strategies for tax collection and as result, we have seen improvement in our efforts. Additionally, I updated our investment policy to reflect the changes in Ohio law, so that we can help support economic development in our community and we are seeing positive returns. As the chair of the Lucas County Land Bank, I am engaging directly neighborhood development work. There is a lot of energy around neighborhood level investment, both in terms of the built environment and resource development. I want to continue to bring best practices to our community.