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Lucas County Sheriff

Responsibilities: To provide services to the courts, to oversee the county jail, and to act as chief law enforcement officer for the county. 4 Year Term

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    Earl D. Mack Jr.

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    Mike Navarre

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    Brett Warner

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What are your unique qualifications and experiences that will make you the best candidate for this office?

The pandemic along with the death of George Floyd has thrown the country’s and our Lucas County residents into a tailspin creating a chaos that has put an added burden on our Sheriff Department. What support would you propose to alleviate this burden?

What should be done to protect incarcerated persons from contracting COVID-19 and what steps should be taken to ensure the health of incarcerated people that have already contracted COVID-19?

Education University of Toledo Toledo, OH Associate Degree (Applied Law Enforcement Technology) 1981 University of Louisville Southern Police Institute Louisville, KY 40292 Criminal Justice Administration
Campaign Phone (419) 386-6875
First, I have an extensive educational experience and leadership background as a law enforcement "Peace Officer" practitioner and in community engagement initiatives. I believe we all are accountable for our community and are stakeholders having a vested interest in community outcomes, which includes behaviors, management that affects the private and public sectors of a community, which also includes our educational systems, political and criminal justice community and those entities controlling our value of life.

As Sheriff, the top law enforcement peace officer of the county, I believe in coalitions that will drive collaborative partnerships to address what I expressed above. Any entity that represent people, must allow those citizens to have genuine input in what affects them and their community. I am one that have the ability to bring people and collective resources together to resolve any issues that are common concerns of us all, to includes community police relations.
As expressed above, we must be accountable as stakeholders to address any matter that affects us as Americans together. I always say, we have more in common than not. The problem that affects us the most when dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, the death of George Floyd or any issue that have a negative affect on us all is "trust." Based on the actions of a leader or leaders will determine one's ability to act on what we are told. To alleviate the burden on the Sheriff's Office, I would first ensue that I gain the respect and trust of the people I represent. As expressed, I believe in coalitions. Therefore, we will work together to solve those issues related to both. Knowing we have freedoms in this country, were it related to the coronavirus I will ensure citizens have the best and latest health information and work on volunteer compliance to recommendations. As it relates to police conduct, I will ensure honesty and transparency with fair and thorough investigations.
I would first provide in-depth training and updated information on COVID-19 to all employees and to the coalition I will develop specifically for the Sheriff's Office, to know 100% of what to do and how to perform duties related to this condition and how to keep the facility clean and sanitized and keep employees their families and inmates safe. I support the criminal justice reform initiative, which will assist in alleviating unnecessary incarceration. There will be testing of any person prior to incarceration. Lastly, we will ensure families of employees receive training and information about the COVID-19 so they can provide the very best care for their house whole.
Education Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
Campaign Phone (419) 705-9365
My entire adult life has been devoted to the Law Enforcement profession. I have been a Chief of Police for 22 years. This includes 13 years with Toledo (the largest city in the county) and 9 with Oregon (a medium sized suburb). I am very familiar with the problems faced by residents of Lucas County. I am a strong advocate for Police Reform and was appointed by the Governor in 2014 to a state-wide committee tasked with improving Police/Community relations.

I currently serve on many local Boards and Commissions including the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), the Re-Entry Committee for Northwest Ohio, the Metro Toledo Criminal Justice Administrators (MTCJA), Advisory Boards for both the University of Toledo and Owens Community College Criminal Justice Programs, Lucas County Crime Stoppers Board of Directors, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Legislative Review Committee, and for 6 years on the Governor's Task Force/Ohio Collaborative.
The year 2020 has undoubtedly been like none other. The key to dealing with the pandemic is preparation. In Oregon, we developed contingency plans for scheduling and service delivery that could be implemented at a moment's notice. This worked quite well for us and would also work in the Lucas County Sheriff's Office. Operating a pre-trial detention facility presents unique challenges. The key is preparation.

The death of George Floyd has resulted in a demand from residents across the country for law enforcement to re-think the manner in which laws are enforced and communities are kept safe. In 2014, many high profile incidents in this country resulted in a similar outcry; however, not much had changed in the subsequent 6 years. 2020 is different. The Oregon Police Division is taking a serious look at more than a dozen police reforms. If I am elected Sheriff, I would promote these reforms county wide. Training is essential and requires a strong commitment at all levels.
A detention facility requires the same attention as any other organization. First, an effort must be made to minimize the inmate population until this crisis is over. Social distancing should be utilized whenever practical. The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be mandated. This includes gloves, masks, and gowns. Careful monitoring of the population becomes essential as those who test positive and/or exhibit symptoms must be segregated. Inmates who are infected should be provided the same level of medical care as those who are not incarcerated. This presents an enormous challenge when the inmate is awaiting trial for a violent crime and may require 24 hour guard utilization in a hospital.

Both the inmate and worker populations should be divided into groups and kept separate to prevent cross contamination of the entire population should one member of a group exhibit symptoms. Quarantining an entire group may then become necessary to keep the infection contained.
Education Community College of the Air Force
Campaign Phone (419) 491-8467
Twitter @warnersheriff
As a 23 year military veteran with a focus on security and law enforcement, and 28 years of Law Enforcement experience - I have developed unique and essential leadership traits that are required of a Sheriff. In addition, I have served as an elected official as a Township Trustee and have a well rounded view of local government procedures. Most importantly, I am the only candidate currently working as a full time Sheriff's Deputy and the only one with direct experience in the Office which I seek. I am the only candidate that can hit the ground running Day 1 in a job where I am already familiar with the Office its and personnel. Lets promote from within and get started working for the community immediately. I hope the voters agree!
I see the primary "burden" as being the stereotype placed on all Law Enforcement Officers based on that situation. That stereotype has placed distrust among some citizens, placed self doubt among some officers, created friction within communities and hardships when attempting to recruit and retain good officers. The answer to alleviate it is through community engagement and education by means of venues designed to share both viewpoints. Citizens Police Academy's have always provided insight into the job of LE officers and should be enhanced and offered on a larger scale .A co-worker suggested another idea, citizens academy put on for officers to see things from citizen perspectives. These are the type of discussions we should be having. Everyone knows that peaceful communication is the answer, the challenge is having people commit to doing it. As Sheriff I will promote opportunities to collaborate with community organizations to work toward peaceful resolve, trust, and understanding.
I actually believe that Lucas County has done an excellent job meeting or exceeding the local, state, and federal guidelines. I commend all county employees involved in the process. The numbers in the Lucas County Corrections Facility are among some of the best and the procedures and effort that have been put into the process are nothing short of amazing and impressive. I use this as a great example of the importance of knowing the inter-workings of the Office. This is a process that has been well managed and like many other things only needs to continue.