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Lucas County Prosecuting Attorney

Responsibilities: To investigate and prosecute crimes committed within the county, to defend the county in court, and to give legal advice to county agencies and townships.

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  • Julia R. Bates

Biographical Information

Given your years of experience as Prosecuting Attorney, has the role changed and what challenges do you see for the future?

Is the bail system the fairest way to assure people return for trial? If yes, why? If no, why not and what alternatives would you propose?

Given the recent attention to racial inequality in our legal system, what do you think is important for a Prosecutor to do to ensure everyone in the community is treated fairly?

Education B.A. Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio; JD. University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio
Experience 20 years as an Assistant Lucas county Prosecutor; 24 years as Lucas County Prosecutor
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Racial and gender equality and fairness have always been an issue , but now, more people are examining the way we do business and making appropriate changes in the results we seek. We have more violence, more guns, more drugs, less help for the mentally ill and overcrowded jails and prisons. The death penalty is fraught with difficult issues and may never be implemented again. On a positive note more help is available for drug addicted people and Drug Court is one solution that is helping many so situated people. Technology has made human contact less frequent, perhaps a good thing in a pandemic.
Risk assessment tools that look at the individual as opposed to the offense to determine release or custody. Bail is one tool, but electronic monitoring and house arrest are others that are being employed today.
Listen to the voices in the community, talk to the citizen groups, continuing education for police and prosecutors to employ the best practices for best results. Be available, be willing to change if open and employ as much diversity as possible to resemble the makeup of the greater community at large.