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Iowa House District 48 (2020)

The Iowa Legislature meets every year, starting in January, to pass laws and establish the state government’s budget. The House, the lower chamber of the Iowa Legislature, consists of 100 Representatives elected by Districts for two-year terms. Representatives receive a salary of $25,000/year.House District 48 consists of Hamilton County, southwestern Webster County, western Boone county, and Lafayette and Franklin townships and the City of Slater in Story County. General Election Day is November 3, 2020. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.The pre-registration deadline to register to vote is Saturday, Oct. 24, at 5 p.m. The Auditor's Office will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. that day. After the pre-registration deadline, election day registration (EDR) procedures are followed. Proof of identity and proof of residence will be required. When using EDR, voters must both register and cast a ballot, whether it is an in-person absentee ballot or at the polls on Election Day. Request for an absentee ballot must be in the auditor's office by 5pm on October 24, 2020. You may vote in person at the Story County Auditor's office starting October 5, 2020 until November 2, 2020. For more information contact the Story County Auditor's Office at (515) 382-7210 or

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    Jack Friend

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What is your process for identifying your priorities to the many issues that our State faces?

In recent years, the legislature has approved many laws that take away local control. Examples include the ability of local governments to regulate the siting of CAFOs, minimum wages, fireworks, and plastic bags. Would you work to reverse any of these restrictions on local control? Why or why not?

The "Bottle Bill' has gone a long way in keeping our roadsides and public spaces relatively free of bottles and cans. It has also improved opportunities for recycling, but the 1-cent handling fee approved in 1979 is no longer adequate to support recycling centers. Do you support raising the handling fee and expanding coverage to other beverage containers, including water and juice bottles? Why or why not?

What approaches are needed to improve Iowa's water quality and prevent contamination of rivers and the Gulf?

What are your proposals for reducing Iowa's prison population and improving rehabilitation of incarcerated people?

Longstanding calls to defund or even abolish the police and redirect those resources to other ways to support the community have recently entered the mainstream discourse. What is the best way for our society to promote justice, peace, and the general welfare of its members? Does that include policing in its current state? How do we use the current moment to end the perpetuation of civil and economic inequities endemic to our current system?

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Campaign Mailing Address PO Box 1182
Ames, Iowa 50014
Campaign Phone (215) 206-6489
Twitter @jack_4_48
Current Occupation Teacher
Education Bachelors in English Literature Masters in Education Masters in Fine Arts
Community Involvement Warren Campaign Boone County Democrats
I speak with people and ask them what they need. Usually their stories show me what is working well and what needs improvement.
Local governments exist to give counties etc. a faster and more localized pathway to solve local issues. On the CAFO issue, I think that preventing counties from creating stricter matrix for CAFO placement is detrimental to the health of people in the district. I would allow the county to work towards a CAFO matrix that people can live with. As for minimum wage, I also think that local areas should be able to raise the minimum wage. Both of these issues demonstrate the state government's concern for corporate interests that overrides local efforts to improve quality of life.
I support raising the handling fee and expanding coverage because redemption centers are essential sources of income. Also, in reducing our need for new plastics, glass, and aluminum, they help communities lessen their environmental impact.
Since a CAFOs are a major source of water pollution, farmers, researchers, and county supervisorsneed to collaborate to create a matrix for CAFOs that works for farmers and Iowa's waterways. We also need to continually reinspect CAFOs to make sure their manure management meets enviromental standards.
We should review the existing rehabilitation network to make sure that it is accessible, reasonable, and staffed with workers or sufficient qualifications. Drug courts have been useful in diverting non-violent offenders into treatment programs, and I would like to see them expanded.
The current criminal justice system is extremely expensive and does not yield the results most people would like to see. I think more robust funding for our courts, and a concurrent effort to integrate more rehabilitative services into the court system―as we've seen with the success of drug courts―could make a criminal justice system that uses incarceration less heavily. As for policing, the police need to be one intervention alongside social workers, counseling, all of which need to be funded well enoguh to be effective.