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Iowa State House District 70

This race is for state representative in Iowa House District 70 on November 3, 2020 for the general election.

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    Tracy Ehlert

  • Myra Matejka

Biographical Information

If elected, what are your top three priorities? How do you plan to implement them?

What will you do to strengthen diverse communities in Linn County and across Iowa amid the crises of Covid-19, protests, and economic challenges?

What is a hope or dream you have for Linn County?

How do you plan to strengthen the public education and job training programs in our state?

Do you believe the Iowa Legislature should pass a constitutional amendment that would restore voting rights? Why or why not?

District/Position for which you are running State Representative Iowa House District 70
Current Job Early Childhood Educator and State Representative
Years experience in public service 2
Campaign Mailing Address 411 Hanover Rd SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Campaign Email
Twitter Handle @tracyehlert
Great jobs, better benefits: Invest in small businesses, invest in trade programs and job creation. We need to make Iowa attractive so that Iowa residents stay here when they graduate school and so that others will be drawn here when seeking employment. This can be accomplished by ensuring we have competitive pay and benefits and safe work conditions.

Affordable and accessible healthcare: Continue expanding mental health resources (and fund the children's mental health system that was created in 2019). Offer healthcare plans that every Iowan can afford and use with doctors and healthcare offices in their local communities.

Education (starting with early childhood): Invest more in early education. Give public schools an adequate increase in funds. Expand trade programs and fund colleges appropriately so that they can offer a more affordable rate to students and students do not incur large amounts of student loan debt.
I will continue to learn more and act when/where I can. I completed a graduate degree with a focus in teaching & diversity. I live just down the street from a large number of refugee and immigrant neighborhoods and I work at the only community based school in the Cedar Rapids Community School District where we serve 40% English Language Learners, over 80% children of color, and the school qualifies for free meals for all due to the large percentage of low socioeconomic status amongst the children enrolled. I have voted on history making legislation during the 2020 session that helps the Black community and I look forward to voting on more like it. I believe the best way to represent diverse communities is to be close to them, get to know them and learn from them. Working with diverse populations daily continues to show me what many of the needs are so I can be a better advocate when it comes to writing, sponsoring and voting for legislation that will affect these diverse communities.
I have some many, but right now with COVID and the Derecho my hope is that every Linn County resident has a good, stable job and safe, affordable housing. COVID and the Derecho affected so many. Many have lost jobs, homes, vehicles, personal belongings and even childcare. This is challenging for all, but especially our low income populations, our immigrant and refugee populations. My hope is that current residents do not have to leave Linn county to replaces these necessities and we can continue working with those who are displaced and/or jobless and keep them here in Linn County.
Adequate funding. As an employee of a school district I see the potential of how great our public education could be but it has been underfunded for way too long, we need to quit giving public education so little to work with and fund them appropriately so they can fully support every student and quit increasing the work load for teachers who are doing so much more than just their job of teaching. For job training programs, childcare and transportation can be barriers to participants, there needs to be adequate resources/funding to address those barriers. More private-public partnerships and promoting union apprenticeship programs could also help strengthen job training programs in our state.
Yes. I believe that individuals who are able to vote are more involved and in the know in what is going on in their community. If they feel involved and a part of their community, they may be less likely to reoffend. After serving their time, all citizens should have the right to vote and be able to feel like they have a say in who is representing them.
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