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Plymouth County Treasurer

Four counties are electing County Treasurer. Like the County Commissioners, the Treasurer’s duties vary according to county. In general, the County Treasurer is responsible for the custody and management of the funds of the county government, including departments directly under the County Commissioners, the autonomous Registry of Deeds, and other county entities (such as County Agricultural High Schools).

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    Carina Leeza Mompelas

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    Thomas J. O'Brien

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As County Treasurer, how can you ensure voters that you have the skills and integrity to manage the finances of the County Government?

What are the principal challenges you will face in the next term and how will you address them?

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I am a Financial Analyst and an IT Program Manager. I have worked with numbers for years; I helped individuals grow their finances and helped businesses increase their revenues, which is exactly what I plan to do as County Treasurer.
Most things that have to do with numbers and budgeting in a productive way, I do! Nonetheless, what it comes down to is Ethics! In any governmental office- honesty, transparency, and ethics are musts. Being the oldest of four, I was taught to always take accountability, embody authenticity, value empathy, and uphold integrity. As County Treasurer, I will continue to implement what I was taught and maintain an office that depicts the ethical values that government officials are subjected to.
Along with the usual challenges that come with taking up a new position and replacing an elected official, the obstacle I foresee being most challenging is the virus our nation is currently facing. In a few short months, our way of life shifted, and we had to adapt to a new normal. As treasurer, I will manage our county’s budget in a way that will help alleviate the financial burdens our constituents may be suffering.
I graduated from Georgetown University, worked at two of the largest law firms in Washington D.C. and Boston, was a financial services representative with a Fortune 500 company, and served for ten years on Beacon Hill as the State Representative for the Twelfth Plymouth District. As the County Treasurer for the past fourteen years, I have utilized my experience to improve the fiscal stability of the County. It would be an honor to be re-elected to continue our solid fiscal management practices.
As the County Treasurer, I have demonstrated the skills and integrity to manage the finances of the County and ensure that we are well prepared for the future. Growing up in Hanover, attending Xaverian Brothers High School, and earning the rank of Eagle Scout imbued in me a strict sense of civic responsibility and unwavering commitment to be fair. As the only current County Treasurer in Massachusetts to become a Certified Massachusetts Municipal Treasurer, I would be honored to earn your vote.
The biggest challenges facing the County include dealing with the fiscal crisis created by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, administering the Plymouth County CARES program, maintaining the course of fiscal responsibility charted under my leadership, and assisting with the long term financial stability and needs of the County’s twenty-seven communities. I will address all of these issues as I have handled every other challenge so far, head on and in a manner that best serves the public interest.