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Johnson County Commission District 2

Johnson County Commission District 2

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  • Jeff Meyers

  • Rob Patterson

Biographical Information

What are the three greatest challenges facing Johnson County in the next five years, especially in light of the pandemic?

What makes you the best candidate for this position? What skills, expertise, or competencies qualify you?

How can Johnson County increase the stock of affordable housing for the elderly, young professionals, and the economically disadvantaged?

Should the 2021 Jo. Co. Charter be amended to allow for the partisan election of County Commissioners? Why or why not? Feel free to suggest other changes you would like to see reviewed.

What measures would you support to improve the county’s climate change and sustainability efforts?

What measures would you support to improve diversity and to fight racism?

Personal Biography Current Member, Johnson County Parks & Recreation Board Former Shawnee Mayor, 2004-2015 Former Chair, Johnson & Wyandotte Counties Council of Mayors Former Shawnee City Councilmember Ward 3 2000-2004 Former Shawnee City Councilmember Ward 2 1993-1998 Former Commissioner, Bi-State Commission for Union Station Teacher/Coach 37 yrs.
Campaign Phone (913) 238-3553
Campaign Web Site
Education B.S. Secondary Education Kansas State University
Community/Public Service Past Grand Knight Shawnee Knights of Columbus Treasurer Johnson County Parks & Recreation Board
Address 6636 Lind Rd. Shawnee Ks. 66217
1) Safety of residents and their families. 2) Keep taxation reasonable. 3) Budgeting As a commissioner you always have to be mindful of the services you are providing to residents and weighing them with the amount of revenue you have to spend. Always look for cost saving measures. I believe looking at consolidation of services is a good way of finding cost savings when possible. A commissioner must always listen, communicate and educate. This is especially important in light of the pandemic.
1. My experience - I can hit the ground running because of my 30+ years of local government experience and my current experience as a Johnson County Parks and Recreation Board member. I know the county processes and my past experience with budgeting in local government allows me to understand the learning curve for this position. At this time, I believe this is exactly what is needed. Not lack of experience and not knowing what you are really getting. 2. Because I am retired from teaching career, this will be my full time position and receive my full time attention. I will plan, prepare, perform to the best of my ability and reflect, which is what good problem solvers do.
Working with cities,developers and residents to create the best planning practices and educating the elderly,young professionals and the economically disadvantaged about what is currently available in stock of affordable housing. The County can work with local, state and the federal government for housing programs to help with possible funding opportunities.
I am adamantly opposed to changing the Johnson County Charter to allow for partisan elections. This is why my experience is totally at the local government level. I do this to have a positive effect on my community as a whole. I believe this is made more difficult when you bring partisan platforms to elections at the local level.
I believe in sustainability efforts in construction, water,air and recycling efforts. Working regionally on transportation efforts would be another measure I would support. Collaborating with cities and communities throughout Johnson County is important.
Because of my experience as a teacher and a coach, I have always supported diversity and have always fought to diminish racism. I also have done this through my experience as mayor. I believe in inclusiveness throughout the county. I believe having a panel or group of community residents that reflects diversity could meet and report to the commission to help in understanding ever changing situations or concerns on this subject and can help in being proactive to issues concerning diversity and racial remedies.
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