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Sedgwick County Treasurer

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    Brandi Baily

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    Charity Kennedy

Biographical Information

What is the main issue that led you to seek the office of County Treasurer? How do you propose to address that issue?

What are your qualifications for this position?

In the current Covid environment how can you better service the public in regard to tag renewal and other services?

What efficiencies do you propose for the Treasurer’s office?

How can you improve transparency for the office and provide information to your constituents?

Personal Biography I am a proud Kansan, born in Hutchinson to Scott and Diana Holt, and the eldest of four children. I am the proud mom of two daughters. Kadi is enrolled in East High’s IB (International Baccalaureate) program and works part-time at a local restaurant. My youngest, Lexi, is a 6th grader who enjoys playing soccer. As a family, we enjoy attending sporting events , movies, and watching the Wichita Wings soccer team. Our family attends New Anthem Community Church.
Campaign Address PO Box 325
Kechi, KS 67067
Campaign Phone (316) 350-6818
Campaign Web Site
Education Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Arkansas State University; Masters in Business Administration, Baker University; Mini MPA-Public Administration, Wichita State University
Community/Public Service City Councilwoman-City of Park City (2007-present); Treasurer for the Chisholm Creek Utility Authority Board (2019-present); City Treasurer for City of Park City (2012-2017); Volunteer for Park City PRIDE and 4th of July; former Girl Scout Leader; Member of Republican Women United; Treasurer-Kansas Federation of Republican Women 4th District; Presented “Revenues and Fiscal Management” to Kansas County Treasurers Association Conference (2016); Presented “Revenues and Fiscal Management” to City Clerks & Municipal Finance Officers Association (2016 & 2017)
Address 1839 E Evanston Park City, KS 67219
Web Site
Mailing Address PO Box 325
Kechi, KS 67067
Campaign Website
phone1 316-350-6818
I have a very strong sense of civic duty. My transition to guardian of taxpayer and tax district funds is a natural progressive transition for my education and experience.

My first issue to address will be making measurable improvements to customer service while maintaining statutory duties and ensuring compliance in serving as an agent for the state of Kansas by issuing car and truck tags for motor vehicles. The Treasurer deals with different customers who have different needs, but top-notch customer service will be delivered with respect and without complaint. By using progressive technology, I will provide additional locations in the county to obtain vehicle tag renewals. These first steps will be with kiosks placed in smaller cities where residents won’t have the long drive to Wichita and long lines at the tag offices.

Within my first 30 days I will be meeting with employees and managers to gain insight into the operations and issues.
Now serving as the Principal Accountant in the Department of Finance, I have over 13 years of extensive experience in municipal government.

INVESTMENTS-I currently manage the county’s investment portfolio of almost a half billion dollars. In just one year I was able to increase the county’s investment earnings by over 150%.

TAX FORECLOSURES-I have worked on the improvements for the tax foreclosure sales as we moved them from paper bid lists and paper registration with payments by check to electronic pictures of the properties being sold at auction plus electronic bidder registration. I worked with the merchant services provider to enable credit card payments for sales. This was an immediate improvement which saved hours of staff time, reduced costs of returned checks written at the sale and ensured bidders were bidding on their intended property interest.

CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES-I negotiated a reduction in fees by over 50%.
I will use my leadership and management skills to bring updated website innovations, more accessible locations for tag renewals and efficiencies for tax collection and distribution. Some functions of the Tag office do require in-person transactions such as title work, transfer of ownership and vehicle inspection; use of the queue-less system does enable customers to know when their appointed time is approaching.

Mail in service for tag renewals continues to be available and the turnaround for mailing back to customer is usually within 24-48 hours of receipt. Our credit card payments are through a third-party vendor who operates with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards and this offers a secure process for customers who wish to pay with credit or debit cards.
I understand not everyone can use the internet or credit cards for online transactions. We will continue to offer counter service for cash customers but I will have deployment of kiosks to a couple of cities in Sedgwick county as an initial effort to “Bring the Treasurer to the Customers”. I will gather what works well and partner to bolster morale with employees and provide leadership opportunities for their internal mobility within the office via additional cross-training and responsibilities.
There are other innovations to the website where we can apply efficiencies and I will work with the other 104 county treasurers in Kansas to share and deploy innovative ideas to put online as soon as possible.

We currently use inserts in the tax bill to help inform taxpayers about Homestead, My Local Taxes-“Where Do My Tax Dollars Go” and comparison for current year vs. prior year taxes on each property. Our tax information is available online and includes the breakdown of what districts receive their tax dollars as well as a ten year history of billing information. We want the taxpayers to know their information and we are available via telephone for folks who don’t use the internet.
Personal Biography A small town Kansas girl with blue-collar roots, I learned about hard work and the value of a dollar at a young age. From getting my first checkbook at age 10 to saving $45M for Spirit Aerosystems in my first 4 years, ensuring money is well spent has always been a passion of mine. Working my formative years in the hospitality industry taught me excellent customer service skills. I now strive to utilize these experiences to serve the taxpayers of Sedgwick County as your Treasurer.
Campaign Phone (316) 616-8188
Education B.S. Industrial Engineer, Wichita State University, 2001; 30 hours graduate work in education, Wichita State University, 2009-2012
Community/Public Service *Big Brothers Big Sisters - mentor; *Beauties and the Beasts - event planning volunteer; *The Hive Wichita - volunteer Hive mind facilitator; *Society of Women Engineers - member; *Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers - Leadership Committee; *Spirit Women in Engineering Professions and Technology - Steering Committee
Address 456 N Battin St Wichita, KS 67208
The main issue I will seek to address as Sedgwick County Treasurer is improving the safety, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of the tax paying experience. We should make it as safe and convenient as possible for citizens to do their civic duty. Paying taxes is not something anyone enjoys, but we can make it more tolerable with improvements to the current tax collection processes. I will leverage my extensive background in operations engineering, safety, and process improvement to change existing processes in order to reduce the amount of in-person contact necessary between taxpayers and staff; additionally, I will improve the level of customer service and increase communication to taxpayers.

I know from my experience living in other parts of the United States that there is substantial room for improvement in the existing Sedgwick County tax administration processes. I will apply best practices and leverage technology to enhance the processes I will own as Treasurer.
During my 19-year professional career, I have gained the following skills to be an effective treasurer:

*Leadership & Management – I held operations management roles for multiple departments at Eaton Corporation, including overseeing three departments concurrently.

*Process Improvement – I am a recognized expert at Spirit Aerosystems in this field and also achieved significant results at Cessna and the Eaton Corporation.

*Training & Development – I have utilized my experience as a high school math teacher and 30 hours of graduate work in education to improve training at Spirit. I provide development opportunities and mentoring for direct reports, colleagues, and interns.

*Accounting/Finance – I completed an 8-month rotation in finance and accounting for a business division at the Eaton Corporation. I performed monthly forecasting and variance reporting, accounts receivable and payable, and led a division-wide initiative to standardize reporting of expenses.
As Sedgwick County Treasurer I will further expand our use of technology to reduce transactions requiring in-person visits to the tag offices. Utilizing my background in engineering and process improvement, I will benchmark the technologies used in other sectors and research how they may be deployed to allow more electronic and virtual transactions. The reasons for doing this are two-fold: to improve the convenience for tax-payers and to protect the health and safety of taxpayers and treasurer office employees. For situations that do require a visit to the tag office, I will improve on the electronic and in-person queuing systems currently in place to minimize the time a taxpayer spends in line and in close proximity with others.
Because 80% of treasurer office employees work in the tag offices, that office will be the initial focus of improvement activity. I will start improving tag office efficiencies by increasing electronic transactions for vehicle registration. This will be done by reducing or eliminating the “convenience fees” imposed on taxpayers who opt for this payment option. We have to stop penalizing use of electronic transactions and start incentivizing their use. In the current system, there are no fees for submitting a paper payment, while there are fees for paying electronically. An electronic payment should have a substantially lower per transaction labor cost than a paper payment, so if we want to drive efficiencies, we have to encourage the less costly payment method. The current fee structure is incentivizing the taxpayers to utilize the time intensive and more costly paper payment option. We have to make the more efficient and safer option of electronic payment more attractive to taxpayers.
As Sedgwick County Treasurer, I will capitalize on the opportunity to educate and communicate with taxpayers on how their taxpayer dollars are being spent. Although the treasurer is not responsible for the county’s budget as a whole, the treasurer does administer the taxation of the county’s citizens. I will work to implement communication with taxpayers that is accessible and tangible to them. I believe we can transform paying taxes from being an arduous task to one that induces civic pride by giving citizens knowledge of how their specific taxes are used to fund community services they and their fellow citizens benefit from.