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Sedgwick County Commissioner 2

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    Sarah Lopez

  • Michael O'Donnell

Biographical Information

What is the Commission's role in ensuring all county departments carry out their duties in a fair and equitable manner addressing the unique needs of communities across the county? What specific steps will you take to ensure county services are available to all residents?

The recent COVID-19 virus has impacted the county economy. Due to a loss of revenue what resources will continue to be available and what services might be reduced or cut?

How can Sedgwick County increase the supply of affordable housing for the elderly, young professionals, and the economically disadvantaged?

What will you do to ensure that the public health system in the county is sufficiently robust to meet the direct healthcare needs of low income and uninsured residents while addressing the broad goals of public health?

What measures would you support to improve diversity and to fight racism?

How can the Sedgwick County Commission become more transparent to the electorate in regard to business conducted by the Commission?

Personal Biography Sarah was raised in Sedgwick County and is a product of Wichita Public Schools and Wichita Technical Institute. Sarah is a single mom of three kids who attend Haysville Public Schools. For the last 15 years, Sarah has built a career in healthcare technology, writing and executing multimillion-dollar budgets, negotiating with vendors nationwide, all while keeping costs low across her region. Lopez's experience working in the healthcare industry will enhance the Sedgwick County Board of Health.
Campaign Phone (316) 209-9547
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Education Wichita Technical Institute - Information Technology and Network Administration
Community/Public Service *W-A Community of Young *Professionals *Young Latino Professionals of Wichita *Sedgwick County Young Dems Member *Sedgwick County Dem Women Member *Sedgwick County Democrats Member *MOMS Demand Action *Precinct Committee Person *Board member EQKS *Board member at HealthCore Clinic *Youth Soccer Coach *Volunteered Stewardship at All Saints *Helped with nondiscrimination update at USD 259 *Hive Member *Via-Christi Employee of the Month
Address Sarah Lopez 3737 W. Angel St. Wichita KS 67217
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phone1 (316)-871-8122
Although Southwest Wichita does need a lot of attention, we cannot forget the small communities we also represent (in my district this would include Haysville and Clearwater). We need to make sure these communities get their fair share of county resources as well as services, such as emergency response and healthcare.
Thankfully Sedgwick County has been given $99 million from the CARES Act for our COVID response. Hopefully, if we use these funds correctly, we won’t have to cut too many programs or services to our community. Specifically, I will work to ensure that no cuts are made to our mental health and substance abuse programs.
We are fortunate to live in an area with relatively affordable housing. However, there is always room for improvement. I want to make sure Sedgwick County’s economy is growing, which will in turn provide better paying jobs. Locally we can look into Affordable Housing Trusts or offer tax breaks for developers to construct or rehabilitate housing intended for low-income residents.
As a healthcare professional, this is an area I’m very passionate about. One facet of healthcare that is often overlooked when we have this discussion is that of mental healthcare. I want to make sure we are fully funding our current programs so that everyone in our community has the ability to seek help when they need it; regardless of their financial situation.
When it comes to fighting racism and encouraging diversity, local leaders need to understand that diversity is hard to come by organically, acknowledge there is work to be done, deliver messages to the public that reinforce their commitment to diversity and then put their money where their mouth is. Our local leaders should reflect the diverse community they represent. We need to continue to invest in programs and inact protections for people of different ethnicities, cultures and orientations than us.
Local leaders need to be accountable to the community they represent. Transparency is the first step in accountability. We need to make sure we’re engaging with our constituents, encouraging community engagement in public meetings and discourse and promote the various programs and services our county provides.
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