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The board of education consistsof five members. One member will be elected from Fruitville Township, one member from Moyock Township, one member from Poplar Branch Township, one member from Crawford Township and one member from the county at-large. All board members will be elected by the voters of Currituck County, voting as a whole. All terms will be for four years with the terms staggered so that as nearly equal to one-half as possible will expire every two years. All elections are nonpartisan and are to be held at the time of the November general election in even-numbered years.

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    Kelly Williams Peters

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What experience and qualities do you feel you bring to this office? (YouTube link or text, or both)

What do you think is the most important responsibility of a school board member?

What are the critical state funding needs for this county’s schools and how would you address those needs?

How would you assess teacher satisfaction in the county and how would you promote professional development?

Pre-Kindergarten is: [Importance Scale]

Please explain your choice.

What are the issues in recruiting and retaining qualified teachers?

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Contact Phone (757) 434-8177
Position/philosophy statement Children are our future and the desire to help give them the opportunities in education to succeed will always be my first priority.
I graduated from UNCW with a BS in Business Management and I have worked in local government for the past 18 years both in Currituck and in the City of Virginia Beach. I have worked with government revenue and understand terminology and processes with budgets in regards to line items, encumbrances and reconciliation of fund accounts. I have been a member or officer of my daughter's school PTA since she started preschool at Knotts Island Elementary. I am very proud of the accomplishments we have made in raising money, communicating about events and providing support to our students, teachers and staff and feeling good about the relationships formed in our community.
I feel the most important responsibility of a school board member is being available and approachable for citizens to help guide them in the correct direction for information or resources. They should also be able to trust the administration and the professionals hired to present information to them to make informed decisions with the best interest of the children while making sure the safety and health of students and staff are never compromised. I feel school board members should act in a professional way with integrity as they are the voice of citizens as an elected official. They should be able to work with fellow board members and all boards in order to provide our children with the best opportunities in education.
I feel the most critical state funding needs for Currituck is teacher pay and the funding for more teacher assistants. The State has lowered class sizes which is great but that means more classrooms are needed. More classrooms require more funding. Local districts are responsible for building schools and in Currituck certain areas are in desperate need of additional schools due to growth. We need state funding to help with these needs or our county could be faced with property taxes going up to help fund the building of schools.
I would assess teacher satisfaction by the number of veteran teachers and staff we have that have spent their careers with Currituck County Schools. High turnover rates are sometimes an indication of unsatisfactory work environments, pay scales or management. Hiring outside firms to administer surveys are an option as well as forming liaisons and communication tools with Human Resources that cater to listening to staff needs and suggestions to enhance morale and satisfaction.
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Pre-Kindergarten is very important to young children. My daughter attended pre school at Knotts Island Elementary and the benefits of introducing them to social skills, rules and academic tools before Kindergarten only makes the transition easier and the level at which they excel is usually evident. They are already familiar with so many tools for learning such as knowing the alphabet, counting and recognizing words for reading. They also have an understanding on how to listen to instruction and able to control themselves among other children so everyone can learn in a teaching environment. It helps the teachers and assistants in Kindergarten be successful.
Currituck County Schools has issues recruiting and retaining qualified teachers could be due to the fact that teacher pay is not competitive with neighboring cities or areas in other counties or states on our borders. Incentives for advancement in pay by obtaining higher education such as a Masters Degree or certifications needs to be brought back as an option as well to keep our teachers.