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The Supreme Court of North Carolina is the state’s highest court, and there is no further appeal from its decisions on matters of state law. It is made up of the Chief Justice, who also serves as head of the Judicial Branch, and six associate justices. Each justice serves an eight-year term. The Supreme Court has no jury and makes no determinations of fact, but it considers whether error occurred at trial or in judicial interpretation of the law.

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    Mark Davis

Biographical Information

What unique personal and professional experiences have prepared you for this judgeship?

You are running for a partisan judicial position. What role should the platform of your political party play in your work as a judge on the court?

What do you perceive as the greatest obstacles to justice and do you think there is a role you should play to address these obstacles?

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Age (optional) 53
Contact Phone (919) 328-0322
Twitter @JudgeMarkDavis
Position/philosophy statement I am a strong believer in judicial independence and feel that judges should be impartial and totally free of any partisan or political influence.
I spent 13 years as a litigation attorney at the Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice law firm. I then served as a Special Deputy Attorney General in the NC Dept. of Justice and then served two years as general counsel to the Governor. I served 6 years as a judge on the NC Court of Appeals and have been an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court of NC since March 2019. I am honored to serve on the NC Supreme Court and I am grateful every day for this opportunity. I believe that my background and judicial experience qualify me to continue serving on the Supreme Court. I have been an appellate judge since 2013 and have written over 500 judicial opinions. I am a strong believer in judicial independence and feel that judges should be totally free of any partisan or political influence. My bedrock principle as a judge has always been to be fair and impartial in every case. My wife Marcia and I have been married for 28 years. She is a former elementary school teacher and we have three children. We are both lifelong North Carolinians. I am very proud to be the first Jewish member in the history of the Supreme Court. I published a book about the Supreme Court in 2019.
I do not believe that partisan politics should play any role in the work of judges. Judges are very different from elected officials in the legislative and executive branches of government. We take an oath to apply the law as written and to enforce the United States and North Carolina Constitutions. I take my oath extremely seriously and would never let any form of partisan bias affect the way I do my job.
It is essential that discrimination of any type be completely eliminated from our justice system. The phrase "Equal Justice Under Law" should be more than mere words. Judges are responsible for ensuring that everyone who comes before the court is treated fairly and that the law is applied equally to all persons. In addition, I am concerned about the difficulty faced by indigent persons in obtaining legal representation. We must make sure that everyone in our society has equal access to justice.