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Shawnee County Sheriff


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    Brian Hill

Biographical Information

What is the main issue that led you to seek the office of Sheriff? How do you propose to address that issue?

What is the Sheriff’s role in regional cooperation to reduce crime? How do you propose to address cross-jurisdictional law enforcement issues?

Over the past 10 years there has been a significant increase in deaths from firearms, including suicide. What policies would you pursue to reduce deaths by firearms?

What is the role of the Sheriff’s office in reducing domestic violence in the county? How do you propose to carry out that role?

Personal Biography Law Enforcement Officer working for Topeka Police Department since 1991. I have been a gang investigator, narcotics investigator, homicide detective, swat team leader, firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, and tactical instructor. I have taught law enforcement courses in the Police Academy for years and was a Washburn adjunct professor in the Criminal Justice program. In 2016, I was shot four times in the line of duty. In April 2019, I was elected the Sheriff of Shawnee County.
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Education Bachelors of Science and Education from McPherson College.
Community/Public Service Recreation Director of Tri-County League, Jr High Basketball Coach, Volunteered with the church to help clean yards of the elderly or those in need in the community multiple years. RCRA - Cleaned up softball and baseball fields, roofed concession stand, built backstops, and built picnic tables for the community.
Address P.O. Box 817 Rossville, KS
After almost 30 years of fighting crime in Topeka, I believe that I know the crime trends in Shawnee County extensively and have seen the explosion of violent crimes and property crimes in the last several years. I have had a high success rate at supervising proactive operations within Topeka Shawnee County solving hundreds of murders and bringing down criminal organizations. I have seen the decline of proactive policing over the years and wanted to bring back proactive policing to combat the rising crime trends. Since becoming Sheriff of Shawnee County in April 2019, I have worked hard to restructure the Sheriffs office to do more proactive policing. Arrests have increased more than 73%. I have added the following initiatives which have increased our capabilities and success rate in fighting crime: Proximity dispatch, Drug Enforcement Task Force, Added man-power to the warrants unit and partnered with the US Marshal Task Force, Drone Initiative, and Offender Registristration Sweeps.
The Sheriff is the lead law enforcement officer in the county he serves. He is responsible for developing partnership capacities with other law enforcement entities within his county, as well as developing working relationships with surrounding counties and throughout the state. Since becoming Sheriff of Shawnee County, I have formed a cooperative investigative agreement with the chiefs of police in my county to address drugs and violent crimes. My agency has taken on the role of criminal intelligence dissemination for the smaller agencies within the county. Myself and a sheriff from an adjacent county have cross-deputized our investigators to assist with the criminal activity that was crossing jurisdicional county lines and plaguing both of our counties.
This is a complex issue requiring response to three main categories: accidental shootings, suicide and homicide. Sponsor and cooperate with organizations to assist with firearms safety and training, have an active role and work with mental health professionals and interface deputies within a CIT. Train responding officers to handle and identify at-risk CIT clientele and direct persons to available resources before incidents occur. Actively investigate and solve gun thefts as they are used in violent crimes. Work with ATF agents identifying illegal purchasers of firearms who provide them to prohibited persons. Community outreach - work with groups who are trying to intervene and deter gang involvement and individual destructive behavior. Solve murders in a timely manner to keep retaliatory shootings from occurring. Have an extensive criminal Intel unit work with other law enforcement agencies and staff investigations are important factors into the solvability rate of homicides.
Often police respond to disturbance calls within households several times before physical abuse is reported. Training officers to identify early signs of domestic abuse and intervene with social service information can help deter domestic issues. Protection from abuse orders must be investigated thoroughly when allegations occur. Having a proactive criminal INTEL unit that disseminates the addresses of the victims to officers to have area checks when available can also deter suspects from having recurring violent encounters with their victims. Proactively pursuing and arresting persons who have committed domestic violence and have fled the scene before police arrival.