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Rockingham County Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds is elected in partisan elections every 4 years. The office is the custodian of documents recorded from the beginning of the county to the present day. It records real estate documents, births and deaths. The office also issues marriage licenses, handles notary commissions, military discharge recordings, and provides certified birth and death certificates, and other documents.

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  • Benjamin (Ben) Curtis

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    Kellie Boyte Jones

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Identify the most serious issue you see facing the office of the Register of Deeds.

How will you address this issue once you are elected?

In addition to yourself, how large a staff do you perceive is needed to effectively and efficiently serve the residents of your County?

What do you propose would be a fiscally responsible way to preserve the historical documents, and/or the important information they contain, that have not yet been digitized?

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Contact Phone (336) 613-8689
Position/philosophy statement Always be ready and willing to go the extra mile.
The Register of Deeds Office contains the most important records of the county that affect the lives of our citizens. These records impact major milestones in a person’s life - home ownership, birth, death, marriage, military discharges, etc. The integrity and safe keeping of the records is paramount. With security as a top priority and concerns about cybersecurity threats, I will continue to look for ways to protect our records in perpetuity.
Once elected, I will conduct evaluations with the staff to identify improvements such as the working environment and additional training opportunities in order to ensure the needs of the citizens are met and the records are secure. In addition, I will work with the county IT department as well as the vendors that service the Register of Deeds office to understand any potential risk and how to avoid attacks. These types of evaluations will be an ongoing process to ensure the best possible service and security.
Since December of 2016, there has been considerable turnover in the Register of Deeds office staff. Customer service and fiscal responsibility are important in a public office. If elected, I plan to meet with the staff and identify how to effectively and efficiently service our citizens. Once an evaluation has been made, I will then have a clear understanding of the staffing requirements. To give a determination prior to my own personal evaluation of the current staff, would not serve in the best interest of the office.
The majority of Rockingham County records are digitized and the safety and security of these important documents are crucial. Technology continues to improve the way the records can be stored and viewed. As the next Register of Deeds, I will continue to rely on the AEPF (automation enhancement and preservation fund). The AEPF statute was enacted to ensure that a portion of the register’s receipts is available for the implementation and maintenance of technologies supporting the register’s functions.