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Given the cuts to the Wyoming Departments of Health and Family Services already made by Governor Gordon, how would you immediately protect the most vulnerable among us?

Do you support any legislation that may come before the 2021 session of the Legislature that could result in raising revenue? Please explain.

What is your position on “Medicaid expansion” that allows low-income adults to be eligible for healthcare coverage with 90% funding from the Federal government and 10% funding from the State?

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I’m a public health professional and trained epidemiologist who has spent my career advancing maternal, child and community health in Wyoming. I am currently the Director of Community Health at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center where I oversee grants that support prevention efforts (cancer, injury, suicide prevention) in our community. I also lead the Laramie County Community Partnership, which represents 65 community organizations focused on improving the lives of those in Laramie County through coordination of efforts across health and human service entities. I received a Bachelor’s in Economics and Political Science from Pacific Lutheran University and my Master’s in Public Health from the University of Washington.
The recent cuts are concerning in our Cheyenne community: decreases to mental health services, services to low-income preschoolers and their families, and services enabling seniors to stay in their homes.

We are setting ourselves up for higher long-term costs and a less healthy community.

The current fiscal crisis has disporportionatly impacted the most vulnerable. To address those inequities I would advocate for three actions. First, I would support using our savings to ensure access to key programs from vulnerable populations. Second, minimize cuts to government services that directly serve people. And lastly, begin the necessary process of long term revenue restructuring to put Wyoming on solid footing for the future.
Wyoming must find new ways to increase state revenues, decrease our expenditures and responsibly use our savings to address the massive shortfall we face.

The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy demonstrated Wyoming’s current revenue structure is the least equitable in the nation, with the lowest 20% of earners paying 4X as much of their income as the wealthiest 1% are asked to pay to maintain the highways, police, hospitals and sanitation we all rely on.

Wyoming must reform its revenue structure in a way that makes us less reliant on extraction and does not overburden low-income Wyomingites.
Wyomingites deserve to be healthy, and their health is foundational to their happiness and our state’s growth. Good health starts where we live, learn, work and play - long before we need to see a doctor. When we do get sick, Wyomingites face barriers to seeing a doctor - a lack of insurance, not enough doctors and long drives to see those doctors. Medicaid expansion is critical for expanding access to insurance to an estimated 19,000 Wyomingites. Not only does expansion improve the lives of indivudals, but it also decreases the burden of uncompensated care for providers and hospitals across the state.