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    Landon J. Brown

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Given the cuts to the Wyoming Departments of Health and Family Services already made by Governor Gordon, how would you immediately protect the most vulnerable among us?

Do you support any legislation that may come before the 2021 session of the Legislature that could result in raising revenue? Please explain.

What is your position on “Medicaid expansion” that allows low-income adults to be eligible for healthcare coverage with 90% funding from the Federal government and 10% funding from the State?

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Born in Fort Collins, CO raised in Cheyenne, HD9 for my entire youth. Moved to Casper, WY for a year and Denver, CO for 4-1/2 years. Moved back to Wyoming in 2012. Engaged to Rachel Smith, school nurse LCSD#1. Bachelor's of Science - Bellevue University Master's of Public Administration - University of Wyoming.
This is a loaded question and does not take into account the fact that MANY of the most vulnerable have federal assistance that is assisting as well. The State has an obligation to help those in need when critically necessary and I believe we still have those safety nets in place. I do not believe that we have or will see what is truly "the most vulnerable" in crisis. I believe we have safety nets in place and we will see many more stay in place. Spending from our rainy day account will only hurt us in the long run, so we must either learn to live with what we have as revenue now, or start looking for new ways to guarantee revenue to protect the most vulnerable.
potentially. I think if we have seen anything it is that we are still able to cut government and the impacts have not been felt by the public. When roads are paved or plowed, or criminal cases are let free because we don't have the money, people will be more willing to support revenues. I will support some revenue changes, but it will be unlikely that anything moves through over the next 2 years.
If we can find the match of the 10% I'm all for it, but right now, we don't even have the funds to cover our current health affairs so adding something else seems a little premature at this point. I have supported expansion in the past, and I will continue to support barring the ability of us to find the money.