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    Merav Ben David

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    Cynthia M. Lummis

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What legislation is high on your priorities list for the first 100 days of the session?

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What will you do to restart the economy and deal with the lack of living-wage jobs?

I've been a wildlife ecologist and professor at the University of Wyoming for over 20 years. I am an educator, an outdoorswoman, a war veteran, and a scientist. I don’t have patience for political games - I entered this race to represent the needs and values of Wyomingites. I believe in using evidence and working with people from across the political spectrum to develop real solutions.
Tens of thousands of Wyomingites have lost their jobs and their healthcare in recent months - my first priority will be to pass bills that will help them get through the current crisis.

I will also work to pass a federal jobs guarantee bill: we can hire Wyomingites for high-paying union jobs plugging abandoned oil wells, reclaiming mines, installing rural broadband, repairing roads, building wildlife overpasses, and installing rooftop solar, while also providing training for the jobs of the future. Doing that, we’ll reduce unemployment, reclaim our landscapes, and modernize our infrastructure, all at the same time.
The Executive Branch is engaging in extreme overreach. The current administration seeks to undermine the power of Congress and the courts without facing consequences. We need to codify previously acceptable norms into actual laws, adopt term limits for Congress in order to reduce the influence of a small number of politicians, and hold elected officials accountable to their constituents. Finally, we must eliminate the influence of dark money on our elections and ensure the voting rights of all Americans.
First, we must pass the HEROES Act to provide relief for individuals and businesses, and pass laws that ensure a living wage to all workers regardless of gender, race, religion, or class.

Then, we must pass a universal healthcare bill that addresses the unique needs of rural states like Wyoming. This will allow Wyomingites and all Americans to pursue their ambitions without worrying losing health insurance by changing jobs or starting a business.

Finally, we need to invest in technology and innovation that will lead to renewed economic growth and prosperity, especially right here in Wyoming, where we’ve talked about diversification for decades. Time to put our words into action.
I’m a fourth generation Wyoming native and lifelong rancher. From 2008 to 2016, I served as Wyoming’s Congressman in Washington, D.C. where I fought for Wyoming families, communities and businesses; championed Wyoming’s energy resources; and worked to reduce the federal deficit. Prior to serving in Congress, I spent eight years as Wyoming State Treasurer and 14 years as a member of the Wyoming Legislature. I’m proud to have the endorsements of President Donald Trump, Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, National Right to Life, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and over 100 Wyoming community leaders.
In the wake of COVID-19, it is more important than ever that we work to quickly enact policies that put Wyoming families and workers first. This means working on legislation to bring the development and manufacturing of essential products back to the United States, and to Wyoming; promote domestic energy production and ensure a fair and transparent regulatory framework; address the volatility in livestock markets by, first, enabling state-inspected beef to be put into interstate commerce; and reduce our staggering national debt which has direct and severe consequences for our nation.
As a staunch defender of the Constitution, I believe the separation of powers and checks and balances it provides for are absolutely essential to a government system that is fair and accountable. While our branches of government are generally working within their intended realms of authority, I have some concerns over recent Supreme Court decisions that encourage laws to be made by the executive branch – and not the legislative branch as intended. It is imperative we confirm judges who will uphold the Constitution and the critical checks and balances for which it provides.
Getting Wyoming, and all American citizens, safely back to work is the absolute best thing we can do to get our economy back on track and ensure Wyoming people have good-paying jobs. This means ensuring we have proper health protocols in place that will enable businesses to fully reopen. We must also take a hard look at our supply chains, in industries ranging from healthcare and energy to food production and technology, and how we can bring these to the U.S. for good. This is critical for creating jobs, bolstering our economy, and national security.