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    Paddy Sizemore

  • Terri Lynn Weaver

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In your view, what are the 3 biggest issues facing Tennessee?

What, if anything, do you think the state of Tennessee should do to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Why are you running?

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The three biggest issues facing Tennessee at the moment are the pandemic, healthcare, and our economy.

For the pandemic, we must collectively use a scientific approach. We will never get past the first wave without coming together, facing the facts, and temporarily accepting the new normal.

For healthcare, we need to expand medicaid, to provide paid family leave, to prioritize the operation of our rural hospitals, and to start focusing more of our efforts on prevention.

For our economy, we need to accept the fact that hard work doesn't cut it when there ain't hard work to do. This pandemic has also made it clear that hourly workers need a pay raise. So we need to overhaul the unemployment system, and we need to increase the minimum wage.
Tennessee has opted out of the pandemic. This will not make it go away. Masks, distancing, outdoor rather than indoor, limiting exposure, monitoring symptoms, etc. remain paramount.

With colder months coming, my idea is for the entire state to embrace a "Holiday Hiatus" starting with the Thanksgiving holidays. From the end of November through the New Year, we would "do it the right way." We'd stay with our families and close friends for about a month, through Christmas, to finally get out of the first wave of the virus.

The colder months will make things so much worse, and we must be prepared to take massive action like this together. We can do it. All it takes is leadership and loving each other enough to commit.
I want to see policies that help working people in my district. I want to bring paid family leave to Tennessee. I want to close the healthcare coverage gap. I want to fund public schools. I want anybody who works 40 hours in Tennessee to comfortably make a living. I am tired of greedy, selfish, career politicians letting down their constituents.

But most of all, I am running because of Terri Lynn Weaver.

Terri Lynn Weaver was unopposed in 2018. She was set to be unopposed, once again, in 2020. I couldn't let her run unopposed again. This is not just political mudslinging. I promise. It's bad. Really bad. 10 minutes of Googling is all it takes.

Search "Terri Lynn Weaver Aunt Jemima"

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