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    Mariah N. Phillips

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In your view, what are the 3 biggest issues facing Tennessee?

What, if anything, do you think the state of Tennessee should do to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Why are you running?

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1) Funding for education, including teacher pay, safe school reopening (PPE, technology, etc), and general funding for equitable access to quality education. 2) Affordable and accessible access to healthcare, possible through expanding medicaid. WIth Medicaid expansion, TN will bring $1.4 Billion back to our state each year that will benefit working families and small business owners otherwise priced out of private care. 3) Currently, Government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lack of leadership has led to confusion and misinformation on how businesses, schools, and communities should handle this international crisis, passing the buck to counties. We need mask mandates, contact tracing, quicker testing and clear direction from leaders.
1) Implement a statewide mask mandate. If our businesses are going to reopen and people are going to get back to work, let's mitigate spread how we can. No more wasteful spending on PSA's with no action ($4.2 mill on the "mask suggestion"). 2) Timely testing should be a priority so that we are protecting those who have not been exposed. No more 2 week turn around time. 3) Contact tracing plans for Covid-Positive patients. This keeps community members safe, especially with asymptomatic carriers. 4) Short-term unemployment and job protections for those Covid-Positive. This encourages self-isolation and proper reporting if workers aren't afraid of losing financial security. 5) Believe the science. We need leaders to trust the actual experts.
As a US Government teacher, I always taught my students how to think critically about what they believed. In 2016, political conversations shifted from ideas and evidence to polarizing partisanship and division. I decided to change the conversation and bring us back to focusing on the goals that unite us.

Regardless of party, we all want the same things - to have a little money in our pocket at the end of the day and to make sure our children have a better life than we did. We need people in office who understand those goals and will fight for those values. Government should work FOR the people, not against us. I am running because we deserve leadership that will work hard for the hard working people of Tennessee!