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What is the most important challenge facing our country and how do you propose to address it?

What should the federal government do to provide an equitable, quality public education for all children pre-K through grade 12?

What steps will you take to reform current immigration policies?

What policies will you pursue to promote social and racial justice in our country?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

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I think that the two main challenges we face are a lack of faith in our institutions and the negative state of political discourse. Public trust in government has withered over the last few years, and this also comes from elected officials who disparage instead of heed non-partisan entities. Similarly, the rhetoric we see coming from our leaders doesn't inspire optimism and hope, but instead seeks to incite and divide. I have made it a point to carry myself with integrity, using our non-partisan civil data to inform discussions and make sure I talk to people across the political spectrum to better understand their needs and concerns. Making sure everyone is heard and treated with respect, no matter the party, is central to my campaign.
We must fully fund public institutions, including public colleges, training programs, apprenticeships, and trade schools to prepare everyone. We must also invest in our infrastructure, including digital infrastructure, which will bring jobs to the area from immediate projects as well as the business and remote opportunities that come from universal broadband. This infrastructure includes investments in jobs related to green technology and initiatives. Securing our supply chains for medical and critical supplies will also help bring jobs back to the region. Finally, I promote pro-active policies that strengthen the economy under normal conditions, making us more resilient to crises. We can create opportunities by leading in innovations.
Immigrants, like my parents, have been an integral part of our communities and our country. Our system has moved away from a way to preserve our fundamental values as a nation of immigrants, to a nation fearful of anyone who looks different from most of us. We need to welcome those who flee oppression, persecution, and danger just as much as we welcome those who teach in our universities or invest in our companies. It is the collective experience of all who come to this country that makes us grow and remain strong. Taking a humane approach to immigration and increasing the resources needed to adjudicate visa and asylum claims is paramount. We also need to modernize our system to evolve and continue to welcome those who come to this country.
Promoting social and racial justice only begins with law enforcement policy. We need accountability and I support community policing and engagement between police and the communities they protect. I also support reforming the criminal justice system to increase focus on treatment and rehabilitation and lowering the number of people we incarcerate. However, promoting justice goes beyond these areas. We also need to pursue policies that expand healthcare, provide fully funded and equitable education, increase economic opportunities, and create a safer environment for all communities. Only through a whole of system approach can we begin to address the areas in which many of our brothers and sisters are left behind.
Healthcare is a right and we must provide health insurance to those in need. To get to a system in which everyone is covered, we must expand the current Medicare program to cover more people, including those on Medicaid, those in a broader age group, and those who do not have access to health insurance. We must make insurance companies compete with the Medicare system if we want to lower insurance premiums and cover all Americans. However, insurance is just part of the issue; we also need to negotiate lower prescription drug prices, lower the overall costs within the medical system, and fund rural hospitals and clinics to increase physical access to care as well. This will lead to better health outcomes and a more comprehensive system.
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Extremism from the two party system and the continuation of the government stomping on our Constitutional Rights. To make people aware that there is more than two parties and to try and make sure that all Government legislation is 100% Constitutional.
Leave it to the private sector, while keeping the public schools for low income families. This would help free up over burdened teachers who would end up having more resources.
Try to find a faster way for legal immigration to be conducted. While making sure immigration has enough power to remove criminals who are here against the laws of our country.
The government should not be meddling into legislating humanity or morality. When they do, you create a cesspool of corruption and a society on the verge of civil war.
Figuring out a way to keep the burden off the tax payers or overtly taxing the rich. Either or is a bad policy. Over taxing the rich could cause them to take their jobs and money and leave, crippling the economy. Tax payers are already footing the bill for everything and need relief, not another burden. A system where a person pays for their own doctor care, through end of the year taxes, without taxing anyone else but the person who seen a doctor, would likely suffice, but it would need to be researched by experts to run numbers first.