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Wyandotte County District Attorney

District 29

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    Mark A. Dupree Sr.

Biographical Information

If elected, would you support the continuation of the conviction integrity unit? What kind of resources would your office devote to this unit to make it effective?

What changes would you put in place to maximize the effectiveness of the DA’s office and local law enforcement agencies?

What is your opinion of cash bail and its validity/effectiveness in simple drug possession cases?

What would be your criteria for prosecuting cases against police officers, public safety officials, and other public officials?

What is your stance on the George Floyd case? How would you have handled the case? What should be the steps forward to ensure trust with the public?

Personal Biography Mark Dupree is the District Attorney of Wyandotte County, KS. He works to prevent crime by engaging youth, community involvement, and providing help for those in need by participating in the drug court, establishing a veteran's court, and creating a mental health diversion program. Wyandotte is a leader by establishing the 1st Conviction Integrity Unit in Kansas. He's a former public defender, guardian ad litem, and law clerk. He is married to Shanelle Dupree and they have 4 children.
Campaign Address P.O. Box 12002
Campaign Phone (913) 981-0838
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Education Education University of Kansas - Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science minor in Leadership Studies Washburn University School of Law – Juris Doctorate Degree
Community/Public Service Mr. Dupree is an active member in the community. He is the Senior Pastor of a local church in Wyandotte County. He is an appointed member of the Kansas Sentencing Commission and the newly created Racial and Equity Commission created by Governor Kelly. DA Dupree sits on the Kansas Bar Association Board of Governors and serves on the K.B.A Executive Committee, is the Immediate Past President of the Earl E. O’Connor American Inn of Courts, Sunflower House board member, and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Address Wyandotte County, Kansas
Yes, we would support the continuation of the conviction integrity unit. We would add more financial support to examine D.N.A. and examine past junk science to determine if there are any other wrongful convictions in Wyandotte county. Additionally, we have requested the office expand into the Community Integrity Unit which would investigate complaints of alleged police misconduct.
Implicit bias training should be mandated for all law enforcement agencies. This will increase cultural competency and continue to build trust throughout the community. Community trust is important for many reasons within the D.A.'s office and local law enforcement agencies. The community reports crime, the community becomes witnesses to the crime, and the community can work to prevent crime as well. We all are in this together.
Cash bail needs to be completely revamped. We need to look at public safety and the defendant's likelihood to return back to court. Cash bail disproportionately affects poor people. The effects are seen in every area - despite the crime. Also, the county spends more money keeping people locked up for high bonds which are low-level drug possessions and it becomes fiscally irresponsible. For example, if two people have the same criminal history, are charged with the same crime, and one has financial means and the other does not -the one with financial means will be released while the poor person will stay in custody. It doesn't make our community safer and doesn't equate to justice for all. This leads to a broader discussion on whether people should be arrested for low-level drug possession. However, this will require the Court's cooperation as well, because ultimately it is the Judge who sets the bail. The D.A.'s office only gives recommendations.
The same criteria used for everyday citizens must be used for police officers, public safety officials, and other public officials. This again goes to issues of community trust and making sure everyone is treated fairly.
My stance on the George Floyd case is very clear- it was a public government-sanctioned lynching that should never have occurred. The case would be handled the same as any other case, the officers are innocent until proven guilty. Additionally, whenever there is evidence to show a crime has been committed arrests should occur and charges should be filed within the mandated timeframe. The problem with this case is there was an officer who had dozens of complaints against him, yet it was not public knowledge. This speaks to problems in the contracts Fraternal Order of Police enters into with city governments which creates a barrier to community trust and transparency. Disciple problems should not be a secret. Violations of community trust should not be a secret. District Attorney's should not accept campaign contributions from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Which is why I will not. It is a clear conflict of interest.