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Kansas State Senate District 5

The Kansas Senate is the upper house of the Kansas Legislature, the state legislature of the U.S. State of Kansas. It is composed of 40 senators representing an equal amount of districts, each with a population of at least 60,000 inhabitants. Members of the Senate are elected to a four-year term. There is no limit to the number of terms that a senator may serve.

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    Jeffrey Pittman

Biographical Information

What is your reason for running for this particular office at this particular time, and what will be your top three priorities if elected?

What do you bring to the table that would make your community trust in your ability to work on their behalf?

Thousands of people in Wyandotte County are working full-time but aren’t making enough in wages to cover the basics. Do you think the minimum wage should be raised? If so, what should it be raised to?

Wyandotte County has a very rich culture of immigrants who have been under attack in recent years. What legislation would you support at the state level to help strengthen protections for undocumented folks in our community?

Do you think the government should regulate a woman’s access and right to reproductive health services? Please explain.

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Personal Biography Growing up in Leavenworth and graduating from LHS, Jeff is the son of Vietnam combat veteran. Jeff has 3 kids and is married to Holly, another Leavenworth nativ. Jeff took his public school education into the Technology industry, with Masters from MIT and Oxford, and now works as a supply chain consultant helping companies react to major disruption like COVID-19. Jeff has served 2 terms in the Kansas House and is proud to have stood for education, veterans, public safety and criminal justice.
Campaign Phone (913) 912-3459
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Education Graduate, Leavenworth High Bachelor of Arts, New College Florida Masters in Engineering, Logistics, MIT Masters in Business Admin, Oxford UK
Community/Public Service 2 terms as Kansas State House of Representatives; re-founding member, LV NAACP chapter; Rotarian; member Unity in the Community; advisory board Parents as Teachers; member Chamber of Commerce Lv/Lansing, Bonner Springs/Edwardsville, Wyco; young Professionals Club; Ducks Unlimited; and more
Address 1108 S Broadway Leavenworth, KS 66048
I got involved in elected public service when Gov Brownback's tax experiments and other policies were running the state into the ground. KPERs was in jeopardy, roads were being borrowed from to pay our bills, schools were in threat of closing down, prison workers and teachers hadn't received raises in years, the state's credit rating was downgraded 3 times in 18 months. I got involved to make a change--and I did. I was part of a bipartisan coalition that pushed for fiscally responsible policies that would keep our state moving forward. My opponent formerly ran (and lost) by running on the Brownback agenda. I want to maintain our progress and help guide our state through this pandemic with positive leadership.

We do not need to cut big corporate taxes at this time. We also need to work on affordable healthcare options. One of the ways to do this is to expand Medicaid and take advantage of federal matching dollars. My opponent works actively against this. We need this change.
Importantly as we work through the pandemic and get people back to work safely and ensure they have affordable healthcare, I bring a history of working through disruption to deliver solid leadership in times of crisis.

I have brought two terms as a Kansas House Representative working for the people of my community every day. I am very involved in my community, and I continually work to make it a better place to raise my family. I have the business knowledge of working with large enterprises to improve their operations and fiscal bottom lines. I have management experience and understand organizational dynamics. I have a technology background that I bring to the state government to help them work through technology solutions for many old systems that need updating.
First off, during this pandemic, we need to be come up with clear leadership to get people back to jobs and to do that safely. Where people were having difficulty, I have helped many people get the Unemployment Insurance and PUA funds they needed to get through these trying times. We need to continue to support job creation to make sure that people can get on living wages again.

Secondly, I have supported allowing counties, especially Wyandotte County, that wish to pay prevailing wage for contracted work. It has been blocked repeatedly by the majority party.

Lastly, minimum wage should continue to be revisited every year or two and incrementally raised. This allows for minimum wage to track with rates of inflation. When it is not increased, then when we do go to increase it, the difference seems too high to small business owners. So yes, I support a modest increase, but also an incremental boost enacted each year.
Wyandotte County and the whole state have a rich cultural history. We need to ensure we respect the history, traditions and cultures of our neighbors. When it comes to those working in our state who are not yet citizens, we need to establish a clear path to citizenship with procedures that are not used abusively. The group called Dreamers need to have their citizenship established so that we can move forward.
Kansas has a Libertarian streak and we need to respect that. The Government cannot fathom all the factors that may go into these often painful decisions between doctors and women. Kansas already has many of the most conservative regulations around reproductive health services and I don't believe we need more. If we want fewer pregnancy terminations, we should support better access to reproductive education and contraception methods.

Importantly this year there was a push to have a Constitutional Amendment around abortion regulation put on the ballot. I voted against this bill, primarily because it did not even have minimal protections for victims of rape, incest or where the mother's life is endangered. My opponent voted against having these protections on amendment attempts in the Senate.