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Washington State House District 13 Pos. 1

During legislative sessions, the Legislature is called upon to: enact or reject legislation affecting public policy in the state; provide for the levy and collection of taxes and other revenue to support state government and assist local government; and appropriate funds for these purposes. The House also has the exclusive power to bring impeachment proceedings. Although laws are enacted only when the Legislature is convened in formal session, policy issues and the general operation of state and local government are under continuous review by legislators serving on permanent and interim study committees.

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    Eduardo Castañeda-Díaz

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    Tom Dent

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What steps will you take to ensure the health and safety of essential agricultural workers during this pandemic?

How will you ensure adequate funding for state agencies serving our most vulnerable residents during a time of reduced tax revenue?

How will you ensure adequate funding for schools, already suffering in some cases before the pandemic?

What will be your priorities in addressing homelessness in your district as well as statewide?

What revenue raising efforts and what budget cuts would you support in order to rebalance the budget?

What Legislative actions would you support to ensure our local and regional hospitals remain viable and able to serve our diverse population with its multitude of issues?

How would you remove systemic racism through legislation?

Party Preference Democrat
Experience (Max 500 characters) Washington State University graduate, five years military service in the United States Army. Immigration non-profit background.
Campaign Address PO BOX 476
QUINCY, WA 98848
Campaign Email
Town where you live Quincy
Twitter @Electeduardo
A complete restructuring of the rules. A moratorium on temporary housing capacity variances, social distancing protocol, as well as guaranteed PPE.
We need to implement a capital gains tax, as well as an income tax on the top earners in our state.
We need to implement an equitable tax system. That is why I am endorsed by the Washington Education Association—because I support investing in our schools, not divesting, as my opponent has proposed.
Students, veterans, and children will be my priority in addressing the homelessness crisis. I believe housing is a human right.
I support a progressive income state tax, as well as a capital gains tax.
We need to fund our hospitals by depending less on local taxes, which disproportionately affect low and middle-income families. We need to formulate an equitable tax system to fund our communities.
I will vote to protect immigrants and people of color, as well as by supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.
Party Preference GOP,
Experience (Max 500 characters) Grew up in the Columbia Basin Attended Othello High school Attended Big Bend Community College 45 years as a Professional Pilot 40+ years self employment Rancher/Land owner Married with 3 Children/3 Grand Children/4 Great Grand Children Former Foster Parent 3 Term Washington State Representative. Moses Lake Airport Commissioner Have been an employee Have been an employer 5 term chair of the Grant County Republican Party.
Campaign Phone (509) 765-6926
Town where you live Moses Lake, WA
• Social distancing and masks when appropriate. Adequate space between workers and any personal protective equipment as needed, and of course personal hygiene.. The best thing we can do is education. Our workers need to know what the virus is, how it spreads and what they can do personally to take care of themselves. If we are to communicate effectively with different cultures then we must learn how they communicate and who they trust and respect enough to believe. Then work with those people to communicate with them. I visited a firm in early July who is working on using UV lighting to sterilize work and transportation environments. This shows great promise and I will certainly doing all I can to support this research.
• Agencies have already been asked to reduce their budgets by 15%. This mandatory reduction will give us the needed information to find and sort out our priorities. The budget is huge and there is area’s within the budget to find reductions and still keep the level of service where it is needed. I have read the budget line by line. We are in an unprecedented situation and it will take strong leadership to keep the needed services and bring the revenue stream back to where it was.
• Same as the previous question. We will need to look at priorities. Our schools depending on the restrictions placed on them to restart in the fall may see a fundamental change. We will need to adapt to that possible change. The term adequate funding is a moving target. Also the schools are struggling trying to determine the enrollment this coming fall. I have been on several conference calls trying to answer these questions. We absolutely need to collaborate, work together, find common ground to arrive at a solution. •

• Mental health is the number one issue in the state as possibly the nation. If you haven’t, I suggest you start stopping and talk to the homeless in your community and learn about them as people. Treating mental illness and addiction will go a long way toward solving the homeless issue. We need to increase the numbers of counselors and other professionals in the mental health field. Address the stigma of mental health through education; teach the mental health bill of rights to our young people. Suicide is a serious issue that is growing in our society. We must educate society about the warning signs and how to help those who may be contemplating suicide. Looking at the issues that set people up for suicide and bring them to the forefront is also necessary. The causes of homelessness are many; we can work on one issue at a time to bring people back into society. The current pandemic is increasing the mental health crisis. We must increase mental health treatment programs and education
• As I stated previously, the budget needs to be PRIORTIZED before we can determine what possible cuts are appropriate. Raising taxes after we have shut the economy down for several months would be a death sentence on many businesses, and for that matter many households. It is imperative we prioritize our spending and get Washington back to work.
We have regulations that govern our medical facilities to insure our citizens receive adequate care. We also have regulations relating to expansion and replacement that cost our hospitals many thousands of dollars spent needlessly to satisfy our bureaucrat’s desire for control. Let our medical community thrive by reducing these needless rules. The hospital at Moses Lake is a prime example. We spent months trying to get approval from the Department of Health to build a new building and the amount of money spent trying to get this approval was nothing short of ridiculous. •

• I am not convinced that we can solve racism through legislation. Racism is a people problem, and it can be solved. But trying to solve it through legislation hasn’t worked yet.I served on a panel 15 years ago to identify and find solutions to racial dis-proportionality in foster care.We still have the same issues today. Maybe it’s time to get out of the box and try a new approach.

• I have been hosting dinners with people of different races for some time now, and I call the dinners, conversations about race. Bringing people together to talk about the issues, concerns and what we can do as individuals to change them. It’s called respect and communication. These dinners are working and I fully intend to keep them going.• The old adage, Walk a mile in the other persons moccasins, is pretty good advice.. I am also looking at legislation around the law enforcement community concerning the use of surveillance video's and access to them, with the intent being racial justice and equality.