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NC District Court Judge District 10D Seat 04

The NC District Court hears civil cases involving less than $25,000 and criminal misdemeanors. District Court also oversees juvenile court and the magistrates, which handle things like small claims and evictions.Judges are elected for 4 year terms. Legislation in 2017 changed these elections to partisan elections with party primaries. There are 41 districts across the state, most of them either one or two counties.

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    Lori G. Christian

Biographical Information

What unique personal and professional experiences have prepared you for this judgeship?

You are running for a partisan judicial position. What role should the platform of your political party play in your work as a judge on the court?

What do you perceive as the greatest obstacles to justice and do you think there is a role you should play to address these obstacles?

What experiences do you bring to the kind of cases likely to come before you in the areas of family law, criminal law and juvenile justice issues?

Prior to attending UNC Law School, I was a materials manager for a start up factory, Schindler Elevator, in Clinton North Carolina. The experiece allowed me to understand the responsibility of structuring an organization to meet the needs of all the people in the community.
My political party should not play a role in my judicial position. As a judge, my job is to apply the facts to the law. My decisions are based in law, not political or philosophical beliefs
Poverty and systemic racism are the greatest obstacles to justice. Identifying the issues and educating the various community stakeholders is the best way to address these obstacles.
As an attorney for Wake County, I represented juveniles in delinquency court and Wake County in the abuse and neglect court. This experience educated me on how our judicial system affects families. Having worked my way through college, earning an engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and then working as a materials manager in the private sector, I’ve learned how to solve problems. My engineering and law degree, coupled with my work experience have helped me to understand how the judicial system affects our communities.