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Wake County Board of Commissioners District 6

Wake County is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. The Board enacts policies such as establishment of the property tax rate, regulation of land use and zoning outside municipal jurisdictions, and adoption of the annual budget. Commissioners represent districts and are elected at the same time, at mid-term elections, to serve 4-year terms.

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    Shinica Thomas

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    Karen J. Weathers

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What is the most important issue the County Commission will have to address in the next term? (Allow a Youtube answer, or text, or both)

What is the most effective role the county commission can play in improving the local schools? What policies or funding will you suggest when elected?

What policies will you proposed to improve the economy of your county?

What policies would you propose to improve the quantity and quality of social services in your county?

COVID-19 is the greatest public health crisis of our lifetimes and has impacted every facet of our lives from our quality of life to our economy. Wake County needs to lead on informing the public on how to protect themselves and their families, ensure access to free testing, and quality healthcare for those who need it so we can fully re-open as soon as possible, and as safely as possible. The safety and health of our people is paramount to ensure a thriving and vibrant Wake County.
My number one goal as a Commissioner right now concerning education would be the safety and well-being of our school employees and students. COVID-19 is the greatest public health crisis of our lifetimes and we need to do everything within our power to ensure a thoughtful and data based approach to re-opening schools and to ensure safe learning environments for everyone.

I have always believed there is a need for more nurses, social workers, and school counselors in our schools. Students have been further traumatized by the current political climate, economic changes, and public health crisis and therefore the need for medical and emotional care has increased substantially even beyond previous needs.

Additionally, another goal is to ensure increases to ensure that our educators and students have the resources they need to thrive. The General Assembly has not to provided enough resources to ensure a sound basic education for every education for every child, and I believe Wake County should fill the gap for our children whenever as possible.
Education is a critical component to ending generational poverty and ensuring upward mobility. All students deserve access to a quality education and a safe learning environment. I look forward to working with the school board to ensure resources for our students and educators. I also look forward to further strengthening the Board’s relationship with Wake Tech and by extension, I am eager to get to work to support small businesses, create opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive, and workforce development. Education and workforce development are inextricably tied together. Wake County should take the lead in supporting small businesses and getting our businesses back up and running as soon as possible and as safely as possible. We have a small business loan program, Wake Forward, which I support. A partnership with Wake Tech is a necessity to train and re-train workers who may not be able to return to their previous jobs to make sure they have the skills needed to earn a living. Also, working with the Raleigh Chamber and business leaders to build back a strong and thriving economy.
Wake County Human Services is the county’s largest department, and it very often interfaces without our most vulnerable residents at their most difficult times. With us facing the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes, ensuring that we are there for residents in need is a top priority for me. As evictions and foreclosures rise, the county needs to step up and ensure that those who made Wake County what it is get to stay here to enjoy all that it has to offer. We need to make sure our people are housed and that we combat food insecurity. Moreover, as an Army brat, I am particularly concerned about the state of our veterans and want to make sure we put them on a path to success. Our veterans have served our country, and I look forward to serving them.
Contact Phone (919) 971-5100
Position/philosophy statement Conservative common sense fiscal responsibility. This principle should be applied to every decision a commission votes to enact.
The most important issue for the Wake County Board of Commissioners is our current debt and additional debt that will occur due to COVID 19 and the revenue shortfall that will follow. Raising taxes will not be the answer.
One of my pledges is to perform independent audits of all the agencies. This will provide knowledge of the funding abuses. In order to correct those abuses, line item budgets need to be in implemented. Rubber stamp approvals do not work when balancing true needs verses administrative wants. Once this is accomplished, working through the balance of additional school choice options with the loss of federal funds due to declining traditional public school attendance will managed more accurately. Managing this funding balance is the key to creating better schools and education for our wake county students.
As much regulation as possible needs to be removed to clear a path for small business growth. Small business growth and lower taxes are always the answer to stimulate fast paced growth. In any area the commission can influence this change it must be done.
Once the commission gets our debt under control and our school system on a better path social services will begin to improve due to the ability to address them properly. You can want and wish to do all the programs in the world with the best of intentions. But, if you do not lay the ground work for available funds and education social services will remain stagnant.