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The Constitution assigns the Senate and House equal responsibility for declaring war, maintaining the armed forces, assessing taxes, borrowing money, minting currency, regulating commerce, and making all laws necessary for the operation of the government. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives, each representing approximately 700,000 people. Washington state has 10 Congressional districts.

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    Jesse Jensen

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    Kim Schrier

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As a member of Congress, how will you help heal our nation from the consequences of the pandemic?

What could Congress do to address the immediate threat to the environment and our health and safety from climate change?

How can Congress maximize the opportunity to vote in this country?

Do you support the work of the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the House to explore bipartisan policy options that address the impacts, causes, and challenges of our changing climate? Please explain.

How would you address the threats to the survival of the nation’s farms, such as climate change, natural disasters and corporate consolidation in the food industry?

How do you feel about term limits?

Do you support increased taxes on the top 1% incomes? Please explain.

Party Preference Republican
Experience (Max 500 characters) I spent the early part of my career working on Capitol Hill learning about public policy. It wasn’t until a visit with a wounded soldier at Walter Reed that I became inspired to join the Military. As a Captain in the US Army and as a member of the elite Ranger Regiment I deployed on four combat tours. After serving in the Army I went to Columbia Business School and worked in the Private sector, as a Director overseeing 13 healthcare facilities and in the Tech Industry.
Campaign Address PO BOX 1075
AUBURN, WA 98071
Campaign Phone (253) 888-3230
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Town where you live Bonney Lake
It is Congress’s role to provide a hand up to get us through the initial response to the pandemic while we “flatten the curve”. The role is not to give hand outs in the form of free college, $14,000 debit cards to illegal immigrants, and blanket early release to murders and rapists in our Prison system. That is exactly what my Democratic opponent voted for when she recently voted to pass the HERO’s ACT, a liberal wish list that came with a $3 Trillion dollar price tag. If I were your Representative in Congress I would push for a hand up stimulus package that includes direct payments to help stimulate the economy and help those who have lost their jobs, create access to job training for those industries that have been wiped out by the pandemic, and I would push the Administration to support in testing efforts and PPE acquisition. Farmers and growers need to be included in this aid.
I have summited Mt. Rainier twice and I want the glacier to be there when my kids are old enough to climb it with me. Climate change left unchecked will destroy our forests, impact our agricultural communities, and melt our snowpack. That said, the solutions we put forth must be scalable, global in nature, and must not destroy the economy when implemented. There are exciting new developments in modular, non-waste producing nuclear energy that have been stifled due to over-regulation. We need to encourage promising new technologies like carbon capture that literally take carbon out of the air while removing roadblocks to further innovation. These kinds of innovations will come from the private sector but only if we remove the roadblocks to their development. Congress must remove barriers to innovation while also offering grants to encourage innovation where it won’t happen without incentives like heavy carbon producing cement creation.
The right to vote in a free and fair election is a freedom that I joined the Army and deployed four times to defend. We as citizens need to do all we can to inspire each other to participate in the democratic process. I believe that we should strive to get as many people to vote as possible because the more engagement we have from the populace, the more consensus we can achieve and the more we can get done. I also believe in Federalism and that each State is best positioned to administer its own elections. Kim Wyman in Washington State believes that our mail in voting system is secure. I don’t think however all States have done the work required for mail in voting to be as secure. We should let each State determine how their citizens vote and we should always strive to ensure that every citizen feels that their vote is counted and that there is no fraud in the system.
I absolutely do. We need to address this problem head on. There are lots of areas where there is agreement from both parties. We must work across the aisle to make progress on reducing global warming. As I stated above, we need to explore modular, non-nuclear waste producing nuclear power both Nationally and for the non-OECD countries were 90% of global warming emissions comes from, as well as incentivizing innovation in industrial heat and power production and carbon capture. I pledge to join as many bi-partisan committees as possible and to work across the aisle to find solutions to the problems facing voters in the 8th.
I grew up the son of a Pastor who served a rural farming community. I’ve seen first-hand what a bad storm can do to a crop or a herd. I believe that its Congress’ job to ensure there is a robust crop insurance program that protects farmers and growers. Climate change is only going to make the bad natural disasters more common. In order to prevent a two centigrade increase above pre-industrial levels by 2050 we need zero emission (nuclear, wind, solar, & hydroelectric) power sources to account for 80% of our energy production, today it accounts for 33%. The biggest hurdle to getting to 80% output is integrating those power sources into the grid. I will focus on creating incentives and removing regulation to inspire innovation in better energy storage and increase the use of Nuclear power, especially in developing countries by removing regulatory hurdles for exporting new non-nuclear waste generating modular technology.
Ultimately, I have faith in the voters to decide when someone in office has served to long. That said I have signed a pledge with an organization called U.S. Term Limits that seeks to pass a law to limit terms in office to three terms for Representatives and two terms for Senators.
I think that taxes, as a rule, should be decreased not increased. To be included in the top 1% of earners in the US a Family needs to earn $421,926 a year. Saying the “top 1%” should be taxed more seems like an innocuous solution but in reality, it would put a lot of family farms and small business in the crosshairs for higher taxes. Taxing farms and small business kills jobs and ultimately hurts the economy. Before the COVID crisis de-regulation and lower taxes was delivering the strongest economy in decades. That strategy will need to continue as we move beyond the crisis.
Party Preference Democratic Party
Experience (Max 500 characters) United States Representative, 2018-Present, Education & Labor Committee and Agriculture Committee; Pediatrician in Issaquah for 16 years; Voted Best Pediatrician by parents in the greater Seattle area (Parent Map Magazine, 2013)
Campaign Phone (425) 395-4775
Campaign Email
Town where you live Sammamish
Twitter @DrKimSchrier
As a doctor, my first priority is medical response: I introduced a bill to ensure free testing for all Americans, and to ensure free treatment for Medicare recipients. I also introduced legislation to establish a nationwide contract tracing, with a mechanism for students from underserved communities to work in the communities with the most need. Another top priority is economic relief: the Paycheck Protection Program was a good first step for many small businesses, but I believe we should shift to a program that provides more streamlined relief to workers and small businesses. The pandemic has highlighted several underlying equity and access issues across the state. I’ve introduced legislation for increased telehealth coverage and funding for rural hospitals, so all 8th district residents have access to a doctor. I have also introduced a number of bills to address food insecurity, working together with farmers to feed our communities in need.
As a pediatrician and person of science who understands the negative impacts of polluted water and air on the health of our children, I will continue to fight any efforts to reduce or eliminate clean air and clean water protections. In Congress, I have applied evidence-based principles and methods to my evaluation of environmental policy and regulation and will continue to push our government agencies to do the same. I will continue to defend our wild lands, champion climate change action, and advocate for innovative approaches of local organizations like the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy and Carbon Washington to transition our country to 100% clean energy within my lifetime, while creating a booming clean energy economy here in Washington State. I am committed to shifting subsidies away from oil and gas companies, and focusing resources on clean energy sources, decarbonization, and helping people most dramatically affected by climate change and pollution.
Now, more than ever, it is critical that every American who is eligible is able to vote safely. We must expand voter registration and access, and limit removing voters from voter rolls. We must end partisan gerrymandering, and expand mail-in voting nationwide. I am proud to have co-sponsored both HR 1, the For the People Act, and HR 4, the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which were passed through the House this term. Both protect and expand upon current voting rights.
I am committed to working across the aisle to address climate change in our district and throughout the world. As a person of science, I’ve put partisanship aside to work with other members on bipartisan climate solutions.
As the only member of Congress from the Pacific Northwest on the Agriculture Committee, I’ve been proud to serve as a voice for our farmers and farming communities. Our farmers play a critical role in supporting our communities, and in our efforts to address the climate crisis. I’ve reached out to farmers directly to work together on encouraging sustainable agriculture in the long term, and advocating for them at the federal level in the short term, so we can protect our farmers and nation’s food supply during the current public health crisis.
I will continue to work to expand voting rights, so Americans can choose who they would like to represent them at the end of each term.
I believe everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. When the wealthiest Americans and big corporations take unfair advantage of tax loopholes, the rest of us pick up the tab on funding for healthcare, education, infrastructure, and more. I support tax policies that reward people for hard work, support small business, support our agriculture and tech sectors, incentivize job growth in our burgeoning clean energy market, and keep good jobs here in Washington state.