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Plainfield City Council - 3rd Ward

The Plainfield City Council is the governing/legislative body of the City. Composed of seven elected officials, the primary purpose is to enact municipal laws via ordinances and resolutions.A Council Member is elected to a four-year term.

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    Charles McRae

Biographical Information

Describe the city of Plainfield as you know it and explain how you will serve the constituencies.

How will you uphold the checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches?

What do you feel can be done at the municipal level to address the changing demographics of our city’s population?

Campaign Email
Current elected position 3rd Ward City Councilman
Yrs. of Residence 37 years
The City of Plainfield is one of the most diverse and culturally rich cities in Union County. Plainfield is home to numerous Historic neighborhoods, parks, businesses, apartment complexes, and single-family homes. These are many examples of the population being as diverse as its landscape. As an elected official, I will serve my constituents by building strong relationships and being present in the community I serve. I will also host informal conversations and use social media to keep my constituents informed on the progress of Plainfield. An elected official’s job does not adhere to a typical work schedule. I make it a point to be available to my constituents as needed. Another focus area for the work I do is community service. I attend community programs, church services, and other events that afford me the opportunity to meet, engage with, and serve my constituents.
While the legislative and executive branches hold two equally important yet different responsibilities, it is my job to create seamless connections between the branches. I will form positive and fruitful connections with both branches so that all laws are beneficial to the citizens of Plainfield. I will review all laws, complete a thorough vetting of the issues, challenge injustices, and provide constructive feedback. I want my constituents to know that both the legislative and executive branches focus on their best interest. I will hold them to the appropriate standards.
I believe that reaching all the demographics in the City of Plainfield is important because I value their presence and ever-changing needs. As a local elected official, I will use various forms of communication to reach the larger community such as newspapers, social media, online forums, webinars, and in person opportunities. I will meet residents’ needs by using these different platforms and encouraging fruitful feedback. As an elected official, it is my responsibility to remain an advocate for all residents as the demographics change. Ensuring that the needs of a changing community are met is the best way to keep Plainfield moving forward.