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Plainfield City Council Member-at-Large

The Plainfield City Council is the governing/legislative body of the City. Composed of seven elected officials, the primary purpose is to enact municipal laws via ordinances and resolutions.A Council Member is elected to a four-year term.

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    Steve G. Hockaday

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Describe the city of Plainfield as you know it and explain how you will serve the constituencies.

How will you uphold the checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches?

What do you feel can be done at the municipal level to address the changing demographics of our city’s population?

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Current elected position Fourth Ward Councilman
Yrs. of Residence 32 years
Plainfield is a diverse community of residents who contribute in a wide variety of ways towards the common human good. Our residents are its most valuable resource. Many of its constituents are nurses, lawyers, skilled laborers, truck drivers, chefs, entrepreneurs, teachers and many other professions and trades that are vital to a thriving society. Each Ward has unique characteristics that must be preserved and honored while improving on the lives of our residents through attentive constituent services and responsible use of City resources. In my career I have the joy of gaining valuable experience of working collaboratively with homeless youth, public housing tenants, judges, attorneys, entrepreneurs...individuals from all of walks of life. This positions me to advocate effectively on the behalf of all Plainfielders as we continue to transform the Queen City into a more thriving community for all.
Look no further than the federal government on how checks and balances of the executive has failed. Under President Obama’s leadership, he was forced to fight tooth and nail to pass any legislation. Notably, President Obama‘s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Merrick Garland, was obstructed by the republican senate majority leader. On the other end of the spectrum, 45 has gone completely unchecked by the Senate, has been given free rein to appoint unqualified judges as evaluated by the American Bar Association and has been acquitted of Impeachment charges despite overwhelming evidence. As council president, it’s my duty to strike a balance between the executive and legislative branches. One example is the council’s insistence on reducing the 2020 CY budget to achieve a 0% tax increase for taxpayers.
We need to support our changing demographic and take pride in the diversity that exists. Similar to how Newark has its beloved Ironbound section, we need to fully support and market our unique areas through innovative development and collaboration. We should invite artists to create murals on blighted areas and partner with agriculture students to beautify with plants and vegetation. We also should create a vibrant art district that nurtures and provides living space for those creatives.