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    Paula Clemons-Combs

  • Billy Wesley

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What are the most important challenges facing our state and how do you propose to address them?

What steps should be taken to curb gun violence in our state?

What is the best way we can balance public health with the economic needs in our state?

What specific steps will you take to address inequalities facing women in our state?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our state?

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The most important challenges are: creating jobs, fully funding our public schools, and expanding healthcare and providers to our underserved populations. We can accomplish these by revamping the personal and corporate tax laws in Kentucky so those are fair, expanded gaming/legalized gambling, and asking for more results in our rural and inner-city Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development offices while elected officials also step up and actively engage potential businesses to consider our districts.
I live in rural Eastern Kentucky so my perspective on gun violence differs vastly than what those in urban areas may hold. I do think that we need educational programs in our schools that teach gun safety at age-appropriate intervals, provide school grants for the hiring of additional school-based counselors, fostering relationships with local law enforcement for mentoring programs, and reach out to the groups advocating for the 2nd Amendment to aid in creating a state-wide program for our schools and also help fund it. We can accomplish more by working together than focusing on what divides us.
The long-term healthcare access for all is paramount to the health of our Commonwealth and I have seen this firsthand in Eastern Kentucky where I live. We need to focus on increasing enrollment, tying tax incentives (and continuing current tax laws) for corporations to offering/expanding healthcare coverage to employees, and providing incentives for healthcare providers (physicians, PAs, Nurse Practitioners, not-for-profit hospitals, etc.) to open practices and locations up in rural areas and urban areas that are under served. We need to change our way of thinking aout healthcare and view it as an investment rather than just an expenditure.
To address inequalities facing women in Kentucky, there are two key areas that I think can be legislated: increase minimum wage since nationally 2/3 of the minimum wage workers are female, and increase access to women and children’s healthcare in inner cities and rural areas (incentives for physicians, deliberate focus on aiding enrollment into healthcare programs, etc.).
1. I would like to see the hours of the Election Day window expanded to accommodate working Kentuckians who cannot attend the 6:00-6:00 time slot. If a person in Breathitt County works in Scott County at the Toyota plant and has to be there at 8:00 and doesn't get off until 4:00, once the driving time is accounted for then that person cannot vote in person. This is unacceptable. 2. County Clerks have to have updated voting equipment and that can be expensive to our smaller districts. Grants to help offset the costs need to be offered. The cost of an unsecure election is too great a price to pay, so the General Assembly should fund these grants.
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