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  • Glenn Martin Hammond

  • Phillip Wheeler

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What are the most important challenges facing our state and how do you propose to address them?

What will you do to support an equitable and vibrant economy in our state?

What reforms will you pursue to address social and racial inequality in our state?

What will you do over the long term to ensure healthcare access for all?

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our state?

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I think the most important challenge facing our state is a revenue shortfall as a result of the COVID-19 closures as well as systemic challenges to the economic drivers of several regions of the Commonwealth including my home in Eastern Kentucky. I think we have to look at comprehensive tax reform that increases revenue while at the same time making sure that each penny that the Commonwealth spends is properly accounted for. We also need to encourage infrastructure improvements in rural areas so that the prosperity enjoyed by the "golden triangle" can spread across the state in a more equitable fashion. To help Eastern Kentucky, I have filed legislation to promote recreational tourism including a bill to encourage ATV tourism.
As I stated previously, Kentucky will only succeed when that success is spread to all regions of the state including Eastern and Western Kentucky, which have suffered significantly with the downturn of the fossil fuels industries. To that end, I support infrastructure investment and tax incentive zones to encourage investment in our rural areas.
Kentucky has made great strides in social and racial equality. We have elected our first African-American Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton and Attorney General Daniel Cameron, both of whom I supported for their offices. I also supported criminal justice reform during the last legislative session and have encouraged treatment over incarceration for non-violent drug offenders.
I am supportive of the Medicaid expansion that has been a lifeline for rural areas, but we must also focus on job growth throughout the Commonwealth since long-term growth of the program is unsustainable.
I voted for the VoterID law bill this last session that makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat. I think that our current laws provide for adequate access to the ballot box. I think we should encourage in-person voting as much as possible and would not have an issue with providing 2-3 days of early voting prior to election day along with our traditional absentee process.