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    Charles Patrick Pray

  • Peggy Jo Stanley

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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The challenge is the human and economic health of which a number of issues arise. The pandemic exposed an unpreparedness for a difficult time. Government and the public had difficulty in accepting and to fully consider the event, increasing the challenges. The health of both, our people and our society received, mixed messages from different levels of governing, losing reliance of an uninterrupted economic existence for many creating demands of economic and social stabilization needing to be front and center. It calls for a serious non-partisan/by-partisan discussions and consensus building, a willingness to cast partisanship aside to secure the quality of life all Mainers’ want to have. We can address multiple issues/subjects at the same time but paramount is stabilizing the well-being of the people of each of our communities and across the State. Of course, education, the environment, the elderly, individual security are issues of concern we need to address.
One, protecting local governments, towns, schools, counties, those closest to the people. While in the short term there will be some hard times in addressing individual groups of needs it is local government that provide many of the basic services. Two, strengthen the availability of health-care and focus on preventative and early detection where and when addressing health concerns are much less costly, and expand early childhood health. Three, to work on the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering the services the people of Maine expect, need and deserve from their representatives and their government.
As I stated above we need by-partisanship, or non-partisanship to discuss and to do real consensus building, a willingness to cast aside partisanship. I’ll encourage an effort to identify issues, to understand the root problems, to explore alternative solutions. If we can come to agreements on why an issue exist, to what are workable solutions that advances Maine and her people, there should be less uncivil activities. I have many friends of which the friendships are not built on what one’s political leanings are but that we can carry on discussions and talk about how we may see things from a somewhat different point of view and work to find meaningful steps to solve or resolve those differences.
I strive to represent an area of Maine that has seen a near century of economic boom in the paper and forest industrials. Greater than just the four communities of District 143, but of northern Maine, an exodus of quality employment and in turn people for several decades now with declining population, the issue is how to stop the exportation of economic activities in the region, to stabilize the situation and to build on the doable with our human and natural resources we have. While we're facing a new era, economic changes happens all of the time we need to step up with ideas like FDR’s Rural Electrification Act in 1936 - we need to proceed with bringing the current technologies to rural Maine. As people flee cities across the country due to the pandemic and civil unrests Maine offers a great quality of life with our mountains, our flowing rivers, our quaintness. We need to invest in infrastructure now while interest rates are at an all-time-low spurring growth for the future.
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