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  • Robert W. Alley Sr.

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    Kimberley Florence Robinson

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I feel some of the most critical are the rise in crimes. Riots being allowed to assemble but not the churches. What about them prisoners that were released? Then there is the rise in domestic violence. Some people possibly losing a few gun rights in amongst this crowd. Of course, the drug issues and Narcan, Is it helping? Free Narcan but others go without their prescriptions? Free welfare, free unemployment but you got to read the fine print. Small business loans that you got to pay back when you should not have needed to begin with? Had you not been forced to close your business?
Looking at ways to help all the businesses that have been forced to close and find ways to recoup and get back into business. I have heard of other states creating tax breaks for businesses so that they could reinvest into their local business to help stimulate the economy locally. We need to look at our educational system and solutions to the way our children are being taught, find ways to keep our educators with better tools and compensation for the hard work they do. I have listened to the people in my community here and I see the need to listen to them more and for them to be heard. These children are our futures and we need to do give them every chance for success. Veterans retired and disabled folks are eligible for lifetime licenses and would not be nice to get a perk such as their property tax being paid in full at retirement age.
I am networking daily growing my supports in each town that I represent. I even have people in neighboring towns spreading the word to people they know in my district. I am creating ways to stay in touch with each of them and growing our party as we go. I have the technical knowledge needed to bring us all together in a remote setting in real time. I am loving talking to the people and learning about their concerns that are very real. I promise to my community to represent their concerns and to be heard in Augusta.
We need to get businesses open and find ways to create opportunities for new businesses to start. I recently talked to a lady from away that owns property here. She would like to start a business here but there are more restrictions and hurdles for her to start. I have spoken with lobster dealers that are struggling in business because the overhead was more than the business is bringing in. We need help for our working waterfronts and the people who depend on this industry not just the lobstermen but shellfish harvesters and all the people who make a living in these trades. We need to find new industries to replace the sardine factories that have died off.