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    Nicole C. Grohoski

  • Michelle Renee Kaplan

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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The COVID-19 virus affects nearly all aspects of daily life and will continue to challenge our communities, our public health infrastructure, and our economic vitality for the foreseeable future. This crisis shows us our strengths but also what we need to improve. If we intentionally build resiliency in our communities and advocate together for better protections for working families and our most vulnerable, we will be better prepared for future challenges. Additionally, I believe that seriously tackling the related issues of affordable healthcare access, climate change, systemic racism, economic and educational inequities, and environmental degradation will shine a spotlight on Maine as a national leader, helping us to retain and recruit young people to further strengthen our communities. In short… Dirigo.
First, it has been and remains a top priority to connect with constituents in Ellsworth and Trenton. The more I learn from you by being available, approachable, and transparent, the better equipped I am to work on your behalf in Augusta. Secondly, we must continue our efforts for more accessible and affordable healthcare in Maine. My work last term to end surprise billing, lower the cost of prescription drugs, and protect insurance access for people with pre-existing conditions is just a start – we must do more until no Mainer is forced to make a hard choice between healthcare and other necessities. Lastly, we must make smart investments in infrastructure, specifically: transportation, broadband internet, green energy generation, and a more reliable and affordable electric grid owned by Maine people, not foreign monopoly corporations. These investments will help our small businesses and industries do their work efficiently and affordably, thus strengthening our economy.
It is easy to assume that your voice doesn’t matter when it seems like no one in government is listening. Civic engagement is a two-way street. I have worked very hard to connect with the community by email and mail newsletters, social media, letters to the paper, visiting with students, attending community events, and whenever anyone reaches out to me. I have hosted monthly “coffee with constituents” events while in session as a way to connect with people in a relaxed atmosphere. I want the citizens of Ellsworth and Trenton to know that they can share their views and expertise with me. I hope that as people stay more connected to their elected officials, they will also become more civically engaged.
We must refocus on being resilient at the local level. This means investing in small businesses, supporting farmers and fisherman who can feed our community, promoting local renewable energy generation, connecting people through better internet and transportation infrastructure, improving affordability through property tax and rent relief, and bolstering our quality of life through a healthy environment and robust recreational infrastructure. I will champion local and statewide initiatives with our community’s resilience in both times of crisis and times of calm as my top priority.
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