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  • Sherman Hutchins

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    Veronica Garvey Magnan

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Expanding Broadband to rural areas to allow individuals and small businesses as well as students and others to interact with the digital world. Keeping our children in Maine after high school and especially college. Expanded Broadband will help but there needs to be a new generation of opportunities available to them, perhaps in alternative energy as well as traditional aquaculture and agriculture The costs of doing business in Maine is especially high for small businesses. We need to reorganize our energy infrastructure and produce the products that make wind, water, solar and geothermal available to all Mainers and especially rural small businesses.
1. Expanding Broadband and moving up the 5 year plan to the present for the future.

2. Working with alternative energy initiatives and introducing legislation to expand our current interest in alternative energy.

3. Education in Maine needs to reintroduce more of the Humanities into the curricula. There has been such a stampede to STEM and STEAM programs that we have given our children a narrow education. With the recent, alarming, revelations in Maine about racial discrimination in our schools as well as our society, we need to teach students, future adults, that at this time Black Lives Matter and that they have a role in making America the land of opportunity for all. Sensitivity training through literature might be one approach.
I have had a digital presence on Face Book and with a website, for a while. On my website, I have written about energy. education, elder issues at some length as blogs. I will continue to do this. I write letters to the editor and have published Op-Eds in the Bangor Daily News. I usually attend local civic events and have marched in my share of parades for campaign and non-profit organizations. I will continue my participation as a volunteer with the Maine Ocean School Foundation as a Director and the Sandy Point Community Club Board of Trustees. I am the Chair of my church's Board of Directors and will continue in that role. It is through my writings and actions in these organizations that I will model good civic responsibility.
There are no big businesses in District 131. It is a very rural district and workers commute to Bangor, Bucksport, Ellsworth or Belfast for jobs. But there are a large number of crafters, artisans and artists who need the expanded Broadband to do business online and succeed. This is a major issue and needs to be addressed seriously by the legislature. Continued rehabilitation of our infrastructure will ensure a way for goods and resources to reach our small businesses and for a way to send their products out to world. It will take several years of sustained road and bridge rebuilding along with the rehabilitation of railroads and ports for Maine to really support the transportation industry. The need for affordable alternative energy to heat our homes and businesses and also to power machinery and manufacture is essential. After the COVID 19 pandemic proved how important Broadband and energy is to society, We can't go back to the past but must move forward, with purpose.