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    Savannah Leah Sessions

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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Inadequate and aging infrastructure are perennial challenges for Maine. From roads and bridges to transportation to broadband, so many areas need addressing. I have just finished up my 8th year as a teacher/school librarian and the COVID19 crisis really shed light on just how critical infrastructure is and is going to be in the near future. Though I am leaving education (I started my new job this month), I am remain a staunch supporter of providing students with access to information, whether that means providing devices to access the internet (like laptops or tablets), or providing solutions to address the lack of internet access so many of my students experience. Another great challenge for Maine is our highly specialized economy. We have invested so much historically in tourism, forestry, fishing, and agriculture, we are missing opportunities to take those sectors (finally) into the 21st century. Maine has also not been as friendly as we need to be to new technologies/areas.
My first priority is to expand broadband access to as much of Maine as possible and to work on devising a workable plan for fixing our aging (and oftentimes unacceptable) infrastructure. My second priority is working to build an economy that pays living wages to college graduates, encourages young(er) people to move to Maine, and encourages education in both blue and white collar fields. This economy will be socially and environmentally informed, just, and sustainable. My third priority is working to devise a healthcare system that is not tied to employment and is available to all. This healthcare system needs to be accessible to all and affordable for all. These are big, systemic issues, but I am committed to addressing root causes. And underlying all these priorities is my commitment to take on the issues while also considering the well being of the people and the environment and actively pursue fairness and equity.
I am a huge advocate for involvement in local government. I believe people should be the most involved in their local governments, then state, then federal. Town meetings are a great example of democracy in action! I regularly attend selectman's meetings and town meetings, I have served on a town's comprehensive planning committee, and I always, always vote. Especially with the Black Lives Matter movement happening right now, which includes a lot about defunding the police, I think it's more important than ever to help inform people about how budgets (for all sectors) are decided and to know their rights as voters. I would encourage others by leading by example but also by doing voter registration work and sharing information about public hearings and budget committee meetings.
I believe the economy would be best served by addressing root causes. For example, Maine is not always friendly and welcoming to people/things "from away." That mindset is harmful to attracting a diverse workforce (in terms of both people, corporations, and jobs). It is also clear that a trickle-down approach is not effective or working. I want to find ways to support small businesses to pay living wages as a starting point.