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    Gregory M. Kimber

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Addressing the heavy toll the corona virus pandemic is taking on our public health and economy will obviously be our most immediate priority. At the same time, it's also important to look ahead to other challenges we may be facing and to do what we can to course correct and prepare. Our current situation illustrates the risk we run when we try to save money by cutting funding for government resources that are set up to deal with future crises. Looking ahead, three areas of concern stand out to me: the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, the climate crisis, and the demographics of our aging population. If we can step up and meet these challenges I believe we will come out even stronger than before.
1. Tax fairness and dealing with the economic impact of the pandemic 2. Protecting our environment 3. Supporting older Mainers and welcoming young Mainers
Democracy does not exist without civic engagement in all its forms. The most fundamental of these is voting. As a citizen I've engaged with LWV in its efforts to expand access, and break down barriers, to voting. I appreciate the work done to establish automatic voter registration and absentee and same day voting in Maine. I hope we can expand on those kinds of efforts. It is also important for voters to know their votes will be counted fairly and equally. That's why I've also been involved with the campaign for ranked choice voting. Similarly, voters need to be able to trust that elections, and their representatives, aren't being bought and sold by monied interests, which is why I'm running as a clean elections candidate and why I support getting money out of politics. An informed public is also key to a healthy democracy, so I am grateful for efforts like this to let voters know about the candidates. Likewise, representatives need to learn about their constituents and their concerns.
Most urgently, we need to dedicate resources to helping Mainers and our small businesses get through our current economic and public health crisis. To have the resources to do that we need to make sure the wealthiest are contributing their fair share by looking at things like reforming our estate tax and meeting commitments the state has fallen short on for school funding and municipal revenue sharing. I see opportunities in working toward a low-carbon economy by promoting energy efficiency and renewables. To invest in these and other new industries Maine needs to attract and build up a younger, skilled workforce. Investing in infrastructure (not just roads but also things like broadband and public transportation) can help do that. Similarly, we need to strengthen our schools, childcare resources and training centers and offer protections and support to our workers. Ensuring adequate health care for all, and caring for older Mainers, is also essential to building financial stability.