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    Peter M. Bourgelais

  • Thomas H. Skolfield

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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The coronavirus pandemic and the associated economic fallout is easily the greatest challenge facing the state at the moment, but I think we're also just beginning to reckon with another, longer-lasting public health problem that we don;'t talk enough about in rural Maine: racism. The 130th Legislature will have to make some very difficult budgetary decisions as we learn the full scope of lost tax revenue and the extent of the damage to the private sector, which we're getting important glimpses of through committee hearings at the moment, and we have to make these budget decisions in a way that will impact the poor and middle-class Mainers as little as possible. I look forward to working with other representatives from more racially diverse districts (e.g. Rachel Talbot Ross in Portland) on badly needed racial justice legislation, and would support requiring the Attorney General's Office to collect data on profiling by law enforcement.
Pursuing any and every opportunity to expand MaineCare, especially with respect to dental and mental health care. This pandemic has made it obvious that health care should be a right, and if we can't get Medicare for All at the federal level, we need to provide as much coverage to as many poor Mainers as possible.

Transitioning to a public utility away from the current mess of CMP/Emera. A utility that is accountable to the ratepayers and not foreign investors is the most efficient and cheapest way to achieve the green energy transition this state needs.

Restricting if not outright banning harmful synthetic pesticides and herbicides like Roundup and neonicotinoids.

Ok, this is four, but I will add increasing the state share of funding for rural broadband. Municipalities in this district were struggling for money before the pandemic, we need to pay more to build out this very needed infrastructure.
Bernie Sanders said that he wanted to be an Organizer-In-Chief if he got elected president. I want to be an Organizer Legislator. If elected, I will set up virtual town halls with constituents and hopefully in-person hours to meet with constituents around the district once the coronavirus pandemic is over. I would also like to set up town hall events on specific issues once the pandemic concludes, such as public utilities, education, health care, etc.

I will also encourage anyone who supports my message and the ideas I advocate for to run for local office, and time permitting I will publicly endorse and campaign with those people. Real systemic change in this state will not happen just by sending one Jacques LeShmoe with long hair and a very Franco-American name to Augusta. It's going to take a unified movement of people gaining elected office to stand up for poor and middle-class Mainers of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations.
We are in an important window of opportunity right now where more people are looking to move out to the country and work remotely. We should welcome these folks from away and their property tax payments, but they won't come here without good broadband. They'll go to western Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, or other rural states that have been more proactive about this. Transitioning to a public utility would create a lot of good paying jobs in rural areas as we make the green energy transition that the state has to make to meet its carbon emission goals.
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