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    Ethan S. Brownell

  • Amanda Noelle Collamore

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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Finance Type Maine Clean Elections
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In Maine, working families are struggling. Child care costs are rising, while availability is waning. Elder care is getting harder and more distant. We're seeing schools cut vital programs that help kids socially, emotionally, and academically. This leads to youth who are engaging in unsafe behaviors in-and-out of our schools. Here, the youth incidence rates of anxiety and depression are at national highs, because students can't equitably access the supports and programs that they need to be healthy, productive, and happy kids. This is because of a decade of defunding and under-funding critical programs that help our working families. In this time of pandemic, we need to be sure that benefits are going to those who most need them, and support programs that help working families.
1. Funding Our Schools Meet the legally-mandated State commitment of 55% funding Ensure that schools have adequate support staff for whole-child development Promote teacher voice and choice in their classrooms and communities Restore programs (arts, music, life skills) that have been cut in favor of high-stakes testing

2. Technology & Energy Green technologies like solar power & EVs should be available to more Mainers Maine needs job training to meet the a growing demand for energy and power development jobs We need utilities that work for and are accountable to Mainers

3. Supporting Working Families We need to promote all post-secondary options to ensure that students can access and afford programs in our vocational, CC, and University system. Working parents need to know their kids are safe and engaged outside of school. We need to invest in our afterschool and summer learning programs.
As a teacher, I've always maintained that young people need to vote and engage in the political process. As the advisor for MCI Youth in Government and Model UN, I've encouraged my students to take on the role of a policy-maker and become acquainted with the process. I want that opportunity for all of Maine's youth. As a lawmaker, I will listen to the ideas and perspectives of all Mainers, young and old alike. To fight apathy and cynicism around voting has been a goal of mine, and I intend to continue the fight in the legislature as well. I'm planning on holding voter registration drives, as well as calling on young people to get other folks out to register and vote. In Maine, we have a vote-by-mail system that allows for safe, at-home voting. I've been trying to encourage voters to request their absentee ballots to avoid waits at the polls - especially among older voters.
By investing in Maine's people, we invest in the economic health of District 106. The COVID pandemic has exposed the inefficacy of top-down tax policy that helps the wealthy and corporate interests at expense of the middle class. In this time of emergency, we need government that can shepherd federal dollars to the people and programs that need them the most. This means investing in people and infrastructure that has been neglected for too long. Maine could be on the cutting-edge of green technology and sustainable living. With new avenues of renewable energy development, we have the opportunity to invest in and promote Maine businesses and research institutions that are developing renewable energy infrastructure and develop a workforce ready to meet the demand. To do this, we need to invest in our energy and information infrastructure. Mainers need an energy provider that is reliable and answerable to the people of Maine.
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