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    Stanley Paige Zeigler Jr.

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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Maine's challenges are interconnected when it comes to a viable economy. A huge part of that is education at all levels. We need to find the funding to give our students a pathway towards future employment. Our university system is rebuilding our economy both in developing new products using our natural resources and supporting our tourist industry. The economy needs a vibrant infrastructure in transportation, in broadband, in local energy production and in healthcare availability. We can't ignore the effects of climate disruption on our investments and public works. It is tough to start a business, be it a store or a farm, while paying workers and still making a profit. The state needs to deal with the whole economic puzzle. All workers need to feel welcome so we can fill in our workforce gaps. Additional challenges are our aging population, disparity between rural and urban economies and the opioid epidemic. To fix one element you need to address all the other pieces.
If reelected I would continue my work on funding renewal energy resources and broadband expansion, using both private and public funds.

If reelected I would continue to support affordable medical care and support the health of all our citizens while protecting them from unsafe conditions .

If reelected I would continue to see that viable inclusive educational systems are funded and instituted. That includes making sure our students have access to sufficient food, not just programs. You can't learn if you are hungry. You also can't learn if you are treated as a second class citizen because of income or race.
Greater civic engagement is fostered by the feeling that you and your vote count. Absentee ballots should be expanded to a more general system of voting by mail. Although it is mandated to vote on a certain Tuesday, I would like to see a previous weekend day be added to the Tuesday. Election Day should become a state holiday. Perhaps it is time to reinforce civic classes in high school.
Coming out of the pandemic the economy will need help restarting. One way is to increase the amount of municipal sharing with the state. We need to return to the previous 5%. That would both reduce property taxes and elevate individual purchasing power. In our District 96 we need to build infrastructure allowing people to work from home. We need a public private partnership to develop broadband capabilities. We need to reduce our energy costs. I put in a bill for a Green Bank that would foster ways of funding renewable energy sources. That would produce good paying jobs while keeping the money we pay for power in our district. By replacing CMP with a community owned power, money could be saved and reliability increased. It has worked other places and would help our local businesses and families.