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    Valli D. Geiger

  • Michael J. Mullins

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Finance Type Clean Election Candidate
State House District
Education Funding Good Jobs/Living Wage to attract and keep young people in Maine Climate Change/ Renewable reliable energy Healthcare Affordability and Accessibility
Education/Municipal Revenue Sharing fairness to Service Centers Climate Change- Energy Renewables Accessible, Affordable Healthcare
At the end of my first year on Rockland City Council (now completing my 6th year) I started a women's breakfast group for women who loved Rockland. We have met every other week for 5 1/2 years. I started it to bring transparency to Rockland politics, to encourage civic engagement and encourage women to join boards, committees and commissions that determine Rockland's direction. I have 85 women on my email list, 20-30 now join a zoom call every week. I should have drown by now in coffee, I will meet anyone to discuss issues they are concerned with and have shared hundreds of cups of coffee over the years with constituents. As Mayor of Rockland, I introduced the idea of regular workshops that do not have to have Robert's Rules, but instead can allow engagement and back and forth with residents on an issue of concern.
Increase in minimum wage to create a living wage for working people, which they will spend in our community. Encourage resiliency and more locally focused businesses. Supporting more creative ideas around pop ups, street use, encouraging pedestrian traffic, green space which brings people out, connecting with each other and their businesses. Pursue widespread broadband to invite young entrepreneurs to the city and surrounding areas. Create and make it easier to create share work spaces. Look to increasing workforce housing in the district to provide a ready workforce.
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