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    Tavis Rock Hasenfus

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    Joseph J. Pietroski

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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State House District
Without question the biggest challenge facing Maine at the present time is Covid-19. Though this is likely a short term challenge with an end in sight, managing the next year or more of the outbreak is one of the most pressing matters this state has faced in recent memory.

Directly related is the economic downturn due to the Covid-19 closures and retreat from business as usual. Unfortunately, this may be a long-term challenge persisting long after Covid-19 has dissipated. This will likely be the number one long term challenge facing our state.

Providing compassionate, affordable, and consistent care for Maine’s aging population.

Finding a way to educate, retain and attract the future professionals and of Maine while maintaining Maine’s inherent natural beauty.
1. Finding a way to balance the treatment and prevention of Covid-19 with reopening the Maine economy.

2. Sustainably growing Maine’s economy both in the short term to recover from the recent recession and long term to benefit Maine’s youth.

3. Protecting our elderly and our children by making sure elderly Mainers always receive the care they need without loosing their life savings, or home, fully funding our education systems and implementing programs and oversight that keep kids, safe, fed, sheltered, active, and out of prison.
I will encourage greater civic engagement among my constituents in a number of ways. I will engage young people in the community by visiting the local schools and having discussions about what matters to them. I will also schedule and participate in community events, that promote civic engagement, and meet with constituents who are interested in learning more about government. I will work with local leaders to help give them the resources they need for their towns. I will encourage community leaders of all walks of life to run for local office. I will use social media in a non-partisan, non-judgmental manner that encourages intelligent conversations on topics that interest the community. Finally, I will use my experience to find common ground with apathetic constituents to show them how being involved can really make a difference in their life and the lives of others.
I will continue to participate in the Winthrop Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce economic development planning with the goal of finding creative ways to incubate successful small business in Winthrop, Readfield, Monmouth and the surrounding towns. I will help the existing small businesses by listening to the needs of their owners and employees and try to tailor legislation to best address those needs. I will provide incentives to give new entrepreneurs the boost they need to start a successful business. I will do my best to maintain or increase state funding to municipalities to keep teachers, and town employees employed as well as working to keep a healthy real estate market.
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State House District
We need to come to Augusta with a bi-partisan commitment. We are in a pandemic and while we hope for a vaccine, it is not guaranteed. People in this state cannot afford higher taxes and with a 1.4 billion dollar shortfall it will take focusing on priorities, protecting family revenue, and ensuring a safety net for our senior citizens, disabled, and those in need..
Meeting the demands of the pandemic. Making the tough decisions to meet revenue needs without increasing individual taxes, and a quality safety net for our senior citizens, sick and disabled, children, and others in need... Ensuring that the State funding for Maine's Educational System meets the minimum expectation of 55% and that property taxes are reduced.
Regular Zoom meetings and discussions. Use of social media to distribute information and receive comment. Attend regularly meetings of my town council/selectmen, service organizations and school committees. Be visible within the District with attendance at various community group sessions.

Begin with getting to know the needs of my District. Enlist the support of Congressional office representatives, organizations such as Maine State Housing, FAME, Regional Development organizations,the Department of Labor, the Department of Community and Economic Development, the Small Business Administration, and local development groups. Be available to meet with constituents about their specific economic needs.