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    Joshua Charles Woodburn

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Right now Maine is seeing rural health care decline as hospitals declare bankruptcy and close. At the same time health professionals that were educated and trained in Maine leave to make higher income at hospitals in other states where there is higher pay. Maine also has an aging population that is increasing demand for care.

With the pandemic Maine will see decreased revenue to finance all programs. Maine's economy will need support at the same time the state has less capital to assist small businesses and individuals. At the same time there is increasing demand for unemployment benefits.
1. Expand Maine Care to cover more low income individuals. As a nurse I see the additional costs placed on hospitals when care is provided without reimbursement. That cost is then passed on to other Mainers that seek care at that institution. At the same time Maine can work to leverage better pricing for care thus reducing the costs incurred by the state. 2. Better education assistance for obtaining education beyond high school for professions in need within Maine. There are jobs just not workers with the appropriate training. So someone has to pay those costs and then make enough to pay back the loans incurred. That leads to migration out of state in search of higher income. 3. Revamp the current income tax rates to create more variability beyond 3 different brackets. Currently if you are making $52,600 you are paying the same income rate as a millionaire. We need more rates to decrease the tax burden on the middle class.
First you need to engage individuals to build community buy in before anyone will want to give of their time. Through Facebook and other digital outlets I have reached out to my constituents to ask for support with different needs in the community. I also lead by example by volunteering my time to support various groups in the community whether it be cleaning a cemetery or placing flags at the park I am willing to do my part.
First is to analyze the situation to find the areas of most need. You need to talk to the small businesses to find ways to give support and possibly financial aide. We need to ensure we are communicating actions taken. Mentality is vital to recovery if the community looses trust that things will get better you will create an even bigger battle. Just as a nurse is a patient advocate I will be an advocate at the state level for my community. I work with small business owners who talk of different regulations that are killing their business. Just as seat belts are necessary while driving we do not request all drivers to wear helmets and four point restraints because that is overkill. Some regulations are overkill and can be minimized while maintaining safety to help with costs. Partnering with businesses is the key to economic recovery. I will work to decrease unemployment, increase worker pay, and grow businesses in the community so everyone in the community benefits.