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    Nathan Robert Leigh Burnett

  • Nathan J. Wadsworth

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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The global pandemic is clearly the immediate challenge that we all face. In Maine it is compounded by the fact that we are the oldest state in the nation, our rural healthcare system is stretched thin and the lack of opportunity and reason for our youth to stay in the state just adds to this. Larger term, global climate change is happening at an alarming rate and the planet's collective governments needs to get their acts together.

I'm still optimistic about our future. This is the time to invest in our future and have a bold vision for the future.
Related to the above answer, I think we need to (1) decouple healthcare from employment. Far too many people work 40+ hours a week, but don't qualify for "benefits" because they work these full-time hours across multiple jobs. Simply saying to someone in this situation "get a better job" ignores the fact these are usually "essential worker" jobs and someone still has to do them. So whoever is filling that essential role in society is forced to do it w/o health coverage. (2) We need to invest in fiber-optic broadband internet infrastructure to every part of the state. The internet has the jobs of today and tomorrow, and this is a future proof investment strategy. (3) We need to incentivize solar power at the residential and municipal levels the same way we incentivize investment solar farms. Personally, I put $10,000 worth of panels on my roof last summer and have saved $600 this year so far. That's a 6% ROI and year's not over. The technology is here and it makes fiscal sense.
I'm a math and computer science teacher. My whole job is about communicating, critiquing and defending ideas logically and responsibly. This campaign, in light of COVID, I've committed myself to calling every voter in the district, instead of going door to door. As of the end of September, I've called and left messages for almost 2000 voters. I really do want to hear from the district. When I get a chance to talk to someone, I find that we agree a lot more than we disagree, regardless of party affiliation.
Maine is a great place to live, and I especially love my rural corner of the state. The cost of living is low, so if you're frugal and have a budget you can almost make it work. Almost. My 3 major goals will encourage infrastructure jobs (solar and internet) and by changing the way healthcare is applied across the state, people could be encouraged to take entrepreneurial risks if they don't feel they are one health accident away from financial ruin.
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