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    Kristen Sarah Cloutier

  • John H. Morrison

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

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Living in Lewiston, childhood poverty is a huge issue, and creating opportunities for greater income equality is an absolute necessity. One strategy for doing that is to support the increase in the minimum wage, which would give millions of workers a raise and lift them out of poverty. It also has the potential to grow the economy by stimulating consumer spending, improve worker productivity, and reduce employee turnover.

As a member of the Taxation Committee, I feel that we made great strides in the 129th Legislature to turn back the tax cuts for the wealthy enacted by the previous administration and to enact common sense credits and refunds for those who need them most. We worked hard to restore revenue sharing, and to support seniors, social programs, and state workers. If reelected, I will continue to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy and will work to enact further changes to the tax code that ensure we have adequate revenue to support state government.
Jobs: Maine was built by a strong and resourceful workforce. We must invest in the industries that keep our economic engine running today and also plan for our future.

Renewable Energy: Maine can set the example for New England in developing our renewable energy infrastructure. If we invest now in community solar, tidal, thoughtfully placed wind, hydro and biomass, Maine can be the leader in a green energy economy.

Broadband: Maine’s workers, businesses and families need access to reliable broadband internet to participate and grow in the digital economy, and adequately participate in their educational attainment. Policymakers must actively work to close the digital divide and assist regional and local entities in their broadband expansion efforts.

All of these things must be planned and implemented with an eye towards racial justice and equity.
Civic engagement is the basis of my full-time job at the Harward Center for Community Partnerships at Bates College, and I have learned a lot in that role, but also in my role as a municipal official before being elected to the State House. Fortunately, Lewiston is a community that comes together in times of crisis. We are a community that appreciates conversation and collaboration and I enjoy bringing people together. Constituents need to understand the importance of voting as it relates to changing the narrative of government. I have helped to get folks registered to vote and have worked with others to get those registered voters to the polls. I was also happy to be a mandatory co-sponsor on Speaker Gideon's bill to create an automatic voter registration program for the state. In addition, constituent voices need to be heard, and that involves inclusion of those most affected in the design and implementation of the policies we propose and enact.
Given the current pandemic, balancing budgets and providing desperately needed services is going to be more challenging than ever. As a former municipal official and through my the role at the College, I have been fortunate to develop many relationships with local small business owners and our Chamber of Commerce, in addition to organizations providing support and resources to our most marginalized and vulnerable neighbors. Prior to COVID-19, Lewiston was in the midst of efforts to revitalize our downtown, and my hope is that we are able to get back to that work sooner rather than later. By supporting healthy neighborhoods, healthy housing, and healthy people, we can begin to rebuild an economy that has the interests of residents at its core. By supporting small businesses, we not only support the economy, but our neighbors operating those businesses. Connecting these two pieces is vital to re-imagining an economy that supports everyone and can weather times of crisis.
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