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State House District 54

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    Toni Jo Bashinsky

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    Denise A. Tepler

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What are the greatest challenges facing Maine right now?

If elected, what are your top three priorities?

How will you encourage greater civic engagement among your constituents?

How will you support economic recovery in your district?

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Finance Type Maine Clean Elections Candidate
State House District
Full reopening of the economy, education, insurance gaps in coverage, and the budget. The State needs to re-open, much like NH has; Children need to be attending in-person instruction as well as playing sports; Insurance pitfalls need to be addressed and solved utilizing creative initiatives that do not raise taxes or premiums; The budget needs to be reigned in, reduced, and completely overhauled. All of this cannot be accomplished without bipartisan support. I aim to "stay out of the weeds" regarding party politics. Being that I do not have a political background, I can go into this with a clear head and no strings attached. I am in Augusta to get a job done for the Topsham Residents that I represent.
Managing, reducing & implementing creative strategies to balance the budget; Supporting small business; Protecting and preserving The Constitution, Amendments & Bill of Rights.
Community involvement. I am starting a new Small Business Networking Group for Topsham small business owners to network with one another and create a supportive environment that promotes growth, positivity and community involvement. One idea that I have is to eventually integrate local business owners and their business(es) with Mt. Ararat Middle and High School to give students the opportunity to shadow or work within a variety of businesses around the area. The purpose is to expose students to industries that they may not encounter or consider if they decided to attend college. Maine is in dire need of tradespeople, and this would be a simple way to spark different kinds of interests in students as they navigate Middle and High School and possibly provide a much needed uptick in Trade School Enrollement.
Community involvement. This is all encompassing, and as stated in the question regarding civic involvement, I believe that the Small Business Networking Group will be a fundamental piece to recovering and supporting the local economy. Small businesses have felt left behind, especially in the last 6 months, and this is where my idea came from. Find a need, fill a need, right? This group will promote a sense of community that has been missing from Topsham for quite some time. My hope is to restore local business involvement and spread positivity throughout the community through efforts in the MSAD 75 system or through events hosted by members of the group.
Campaign Phone (207) 729-4018
Twitter @dtepler
Finance Type Clean Elections
State House District
Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Long-term planning to buffer the state -- it's people and it's economy -- from future crises. Healthcare accessibility, affordability, and equity. Workforce challenges -- Demography and geography. Broadband access.
Finding the means to support COVID-19 recovery. Making healthcare as accessible, affordable, and equitable as a state alone possibly can. Supporting my town and school system by supporting a return to full revenue sharing. Creating thoughtful long-term planning processes -- not just for the economy but for energy, infrastructure, public health and crisis management.
I will continue to model voting at every opportunity and participation in public discourse. I will encourage my friends and neighbors to do so also. Through my campaign, I will encourage my constituents to ask questions about how state government works and what state government can do for them. I will help them to vote safely by encouraging absentee voting this year and will work to find more ways to encourage democratic participation.
Personally, I will shop locally and encourage others to do so as well. Professionally, I will continue to support a return to full revenue sharing, to help keep property taxes down, which helps businesses as well as local consumers of those businesses. I will encourage the Mills administration to keep working to implement our long term economic development plan which is designed to bring more innovation to Maine and focus economic supports on small businesses -- the backbone of our economy. I will seek to improve broadband access in all parts of the state, so more people can comfortably work from home and more students can access online education.